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Perfect steamer baskets and inserts for your Instant Pot

Perfect steamer baskets for your Instant PotI am often asked about perfect steamer baskets (sometimes called steamer inserts) for the Instant Pot available here in the UK so I thought I'd compile them in one place, the Feisty Tapas blog (of course). The Instant Pot's inner pot has a diameter of 20 cm so you need something that will fit in there (some of them actually indicate that they are suitable for 20 cm pressure cookers, like the Kuhn Rikon).

These are the steaming baskets and inserts that I have and use all the time, as well as the ones that have good reviews from the people who use them regularly. If you are happy with your steamer basket and it's not included in this list, please let me know and I'll add it to the post and probably to my basket collection!

Have you taken the Instant Pot electric pressure cooker leap? You havent? You must know by now that there is nothing to be scared of, that it has ten safety mechanisms, that it's virtually silent and that you can set it and go, right? Even better, it pressure cooks and slow cooks (and at the end keeps your food warm). But not just that, I run a Pressure Cooking group on Facebook to support you and I'm Instant Pot UK's social media girl. So, basically, you will use it! Oh and I blog Instant Pot recipes with familiar UK measurements and ingredients right here.

Ready for my list of perfect steamer baskets for your Instant Pot all available in the UK?

**This post contains Amazon affiliate links, this means that, if you buy through these links, it doesn't cost you any extra money and I get a small kickback to help me support Feisty Tapas (the blog and its four Facebook communities, how did we get to four??? More on that soon)**

Kuhn Rikon Duromatic Trio Separator Set 20 cm

I personally have (and love) the Kuhn Rikon Duromatic Trio separator, the separator pops out for those times when you don't need it. To use it, all you need to do is pour a cup of water (250 ml) in your inner pot. Place your veg in it. Press the Steam button and set the time. For example for a selection of unpeeled new potatoes and chantenay carrots, I press Steam and set it to 5 minutes, then do a quick release at the end. One great thing about this one is that the trivet fits very neatly on top for layered cooking.

Feisty Tapas' Perfect steamer baskets for your Instant Pot - Kuhn Rikon Duromatic Trio Separator 20 cm

Feisty Tapas' Perfect steamer baskets for your Instant Pot - Kuhn Rikon Duromatic Trio Separator 20 cm
Multiple purposes. On this occasion I was keeping food warm. I do love that Keep Warm function

*Unfortunately the photo is not appearing in the pic above but it leads you to the exact same one I bought*

Silit 1529602201 Insert Basket 19 cm

A lot of Instant Pot users have this Silit basket to use with their Instant Pot (it has a slightlhy larger capacity). Many use it for their broths as they can easily strain them in there. This one changes price all the time, the lowest I've seen it for is probably around £16.

RSVP Wide Rim VEGETABLE STEAMER Mesh Basket Stainless Steel Strainer

Then there is the RSVP (official name RSVP Wide Rim VEGETABLE STEAMER Mesh Basket Stainless Steel Strainer). It has a good price BUT you have to use pliers to gently bend the handles up and down to snap them off, otherwise the basket doesn't fit. It's very important to bear this in mind. Some people have successfully bent the handles inwards to make it fit. I'm not too familiar with this one but people who have it seem happy with it.

**Edited to add: I now have this one, I managed to snap the handles myself after a bit of trying, despite the fibromyalgia so it can be done, I use it a lot**

Wilko Saucepan 3 Division Separator

For a tenner, this Wilko separator is gaining lots of followers among the Instant Pot crowd. If you don't find it at your store, you can order it in, or order online. Find it here.

Instant Pot Silicone Steamer Basket or Steamer Set 

New for 2017 is the Instant Pot Silicone Steamer Basket and the Steamer Set. It fits neatly on the new long-handled Instant Pot trivet (which has higher feet than the trivet supplied with your Instant Pot).


Joseph Joseph Lotus Steamer Plus

If you prefer a collapsible style one, this Joseph Joseph Lotus Steamer Plus does the trick as will an stainless steel one like this Wilko one or this Ikea one, for very little money. You just have to bear in mind that your Instant Pot's inner pot has a diameter of 20 cm if it's a 6 litre and 22 cm if it's a DUO 8 litre so it has to be able to fit in there.

*Edited to say* I picked up the Joseph Joseph for £7.99 at TKMaxx recently and I'm really liking it. It has a good grip to get things in and out.

Perfect steamer baskets and inserts for your Instant Pot: Joseph Joseph Lotus Folding Basket in grey

OXO Good Grips Pop Up Steamer

Another collapsible stainless steel steamer basket is this OXO Good Grips Pop Up Steamer, preferred by many Instant Pot users because of the large, tall, sturdy handle. Talking about OXO Good Grips, you know that peeler I keep losing to encounters with spoons and the bin? It's from that range too, this one to be exact.

Kuhn Rikon 2-in-1 Stackable Steamer Basket (two-tier)

Finally, Steamer baskets and inserts you may have lying around the house already!

I am reliably told that, should you have any steamer inserts from an old stove-top pressure cooker you may have had before your Instant Pot, they work well in the Instant Pot too. People have been singing the praises of Prestige in particular.

Remember, if you have a good steamer basket that is not mentioned here, please let me know and I'll add it.

You might also be interested in my What is Pot-in-Pot (PIP) Cooking post.


**This post may contain affiliate links. That means that, while you don't pay a penny extra, I may get a few pennies back towards running the blog and the Feisty Tapas communities. Thanks for supporting Feisty Tapas. At the moment with the Amazon UK affiliate vouchers I guess I am buying items from the Wirral's Homeless Amazon Wish List which you will find here. Feisty Tapas member Kathryn helps cook for the Wirral's Homeless with her Instant Pots, thank you Kathryn**

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