Friday, 23 December 2016

Instant Pot "Baked Camembert"

I absolutely adore Baked Camembert and all its calories but I begrudge having to preheat the oven for it (and mainly having to wait for it to preheat), in comes the Instant Pot's pressure cooking function. If you're a member of my Pressure Cooking UK with Feisty Tapas, you'll have noticed that my lunches are usually a last-minute from-the-freezer affair so this is a real treat (and yes, of course, "you" can eat it all on your own or, you know, you could share with friends with a nice bottle of wine or bubbly...).

It's Christmas Eve Eve as I write this, not long until 2016 ends so time to get together with friends and eat party food!


Instant Pot "Baked Camembert"


- 1 camembert

- 250 ml cold water


- Parchment Paper

- Instant Pot

- Trivet

Method (video also linked below)

1. Wrap a camembert in parchment paper. Place 250 ml water in the inner pot, put the trivet in place with the camembert parcel on top. 

2. Press Manual, use the - and + buttons to programme 10 minutes, wait 10 minutes after it finishes cooking (there was no steam left to release).

3. Unwrap. Wipe any extra moisture with kitchen paper and transfer to a plate. 

4. Cut a cross on it for access and dip your favourite bread (how much am I wishing right now I’d had better bread at home!).


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