Wednesday, 2 February 2011

The Secluded Tea Party (or the story of how this blog came about)

A while ago my friend Shelley told me about this Tea Party type event that she wanted to check out and asked whether I would be interested in going. A couple of hours in adult company and with someone else doing the cooking?? Well...yes!

So, last Sunday (January 30th 2011) we attended The Secluded Tea Party, organised by the lovely Miss Sue Flay (an alias which took me a while to "get", if you don't know what I mean, just say "Miss-Sue-Flay" out loud and you'll see). The venue, a secret location kept under wraps until a few days before, was the Cambridge Cookery School which is fabulously equipped and looks very new and impeccable, check out their website for rather yummy looking courses and events.

Miss Sue Flay asked for some personal details a few days before the event (what we did for a living, whether we had a website or blog, details about our baking or cooking, etc), which she edited and then shared with all the guests so that everyone would know a little bit about each of the guests. This turned out to be a fantastic idea as I was able to say "Oh yes I know who you are" to a few people as they explained what they did for work, what blogs they wrote, etc.

It was precisely talking about blogs, several of the girls I talked to seemed to blog, that I started thinking whether I would ever be brave to start one that wasn't work related, I may be an expert with strong opinions in my field of work, but outside it I am a bit of an amateur at pretty much everything. Added to the fact that a while ago someone called me Feisty Tapas (well, I am indeed feisty and Spanish), which I loved, and that ever since then I have wanted to use that name for something, I decided to put it to (hopefully) good use. So, thank you ladies who blog!

Back to the Tea Party: the kitsch mismatch cups and saucers, pretty paper napkins and the general layout of the table were excellent (and I am always very critical on this point). My favourite piece of crockery were the homemade cake stands dotted around the table, two pretty plates joined by a cup, clever!

One of the homemade cake stands

My cup and saucer

The menu was delicious: on arrival we were greeted with non-alcoholic fizz (mine was elderflower) to accompany the scrumptious red onion and pancetta tartlets, then we moved on to a very fine selection of teas and even finer sandwiches with the crusts cut off (my favourite was the garlic jam and ham sandwich), warm scones, exquisite chocolate macaroons and the pièce of resistance of the afternoon, the one thing that wasn't bite-sized: the decadent chocolate ganache cake.

The chocolate ganache cake: sweet decadence
All in all, a wonderful couple of hours which in fact felt a bit too short, I could have done with a bit more time to enjoy the tea, food and company. If you enjoy good food and tasting new teas, I fully recommend you try to make it to one of the next Secluded Tea Parties that Miss Soufflé (see!) is already planning.
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