Thursday, 24 February 2011

Speedy lamb with couscous

I have been a bit at a loss this week with Mr Tapas arriving at 10 pm from work every day. Basically my evenings involve LittleT's bed time routine, cooking something for me and either making sure that something stays edible for Mr Tapas or just cooking something different for him. Today I remembered I had some lamb in the fridge that I had bought for LittleT and, given the small size of baby portions, there was plenty for a one person stew. Mr Tapas doesn't like lamb so I never buy it, however now with the excuse of having a baby who loves everything I give her, there is lamb back in the house.

Ingredients: Diced organic lamb, chopped onion, chopped yellow pepper, tomato purée, lime, 2 cloves of garlic, fresh coriander, olive oil, water and couscous.

Time: 20-25 minutes

Fry the onion and pepper in a bit of olive oil, add a bit of water if it dries up. Once soft add the lamb, let it fry for a few minutes (I waited until it was done). Add a good splash of tomato purée with a bit more water,  just enough to create a nice sauce, add the garlic cloves (unpeeled and smashed with a good bash of the fist against the work surface, if you have some anger in you make it two bashes). Turn the heat down, add the coriander and let it simmer for a few more minutes, adding water gradually so that the sauce has the consistency you want, I myself didn't want it too thick.

Since the couscous only takes about 5 minutes, prepare it according to the instructions on the pack right at the end while the lamb is simmering and getting softer and softer. By the time the cous cous is ready, the lamb should be ready to serve but always check that the meat has cooked through (above all if you're pregnant). Add salt and pepper to taste of course, not much of either was necessary in this case. I served it in a bowl over the cous cous.

No photo for fear of waking the baby up when fetching camera.

Tip (above all to myself): the lime, coriander and lamb combo works really well.

Mr Tapas will have a quiche straight out of a lovely cardboard box when he gets home in a few minutes.

As my style of cooking is all about either throwing things together, inventing and never following a recipe to the letter...feel free to adapt this of course
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