Monday, 9 May 2011

Feisty translating mummy attends the most secluded tea party ever

It has been a busy few months (I'm embarrassed to say that it has been months) since I last updated my blog. I started which such enthusiasm and then illness knocked me out in such a way that it took two seven-day courses of antibiotics to get me sorted out and then a lot of time to get back to normal.

Illness meant that I had to miss the Secluded Tea party, after looking forward to it for a few weeks, I was rather disappointed but the lovely Miss Sue Flay sent me a care pack through my friend Mrs S, which was much appreciated and very much enjoyed. I was too ill to take any photos but the lovely MSF packed everything neatly. Ahhh those truffles were truly and chocolately delicious, even with the most blocked-up of noses I managed to taste all that chocolate. I am not a fan of cakes with dried fruit in them but her scones were rather good too. The tea party turned out to be a lot more secluded than I thought, me and my cakes in the living room after asking Mr Tapas to give me half an hour to enjoy it all on my own. MSF was kind enough to even check her notes from the previous tea party and send me the tea I had had then, I felt like a child having a tea party on her own. Follow this link to read about The Secluded Book Club Tea Party I missed, she has plenty more tea parties coming up.

Of course this all happened just as I needed my strength levels to be at the highest ever: it was time to get back to work after months of mummy time. So I am now Feisty Tapas, translating mummy extraordinaire. I may add the adjective "extraordinaire" myself but in between, working, meals, cleaning and looking after baby I have turned into a superjuggler. Not even I can believe the amount of juggling that mums can do, that is why mums are superwomen. I would swear that mums develop a whole set of invisible arms and that there is an area of their brain that lights up a few weeks after birth, (I would say straight away but I think that would be lying) to allow them to keep on top of all their family's needs.

So here is to all of you superb jugglers!
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