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About Maria Bravo, Feisty Tapas

Hello, Maria here, welcome to my little corner of the Internet. I started Feisty Tapas in early 2011. Back then I was just starting to cook regularly (at the tender age of 37) as I had a baby to wean and a husband whose diabetes was getting worse.

In the summer of 2012 I bought my first major kitchen gadget: a Thermomix TM31. Overnight it changed the way I cooked. It is a bit like outsourcing the chopping, no more standing at the kitchen counter for half an hour chopping away, which is dangerous when you are as clumsy as I am. Then other kitchen gadgets like the Instant Pot came along, so did my fibromyalgia and the realisation that kitchen gadgets were allowing me to keep cooking, somewhere along the line I had learned to love cooking (and not just eating) and I wasn't going to give it up.

Kitchen gadgets allow me to keep cooking delicious food with minimum effort and make my life as a working mummy with fibromyalgia so much easier. It's no wonder I have ended up working for Instant Pot, is it?

My aim through Feisty Tapas is to make your life easier at every step. I want to prove to you that there is no shame in surrounding yourself by the things that make that happen, freeing your time for other things, like putting your feet up, your loved ones, reading a book or whatever it is that you fancy doing.

At first sight this blog might look like one that doesn't get updated very often, just a record of a recipe here, a thought there and sure enough that's what it was a few years ago. However, if you dig a bit deeper you will soon see that Feisty Tapas is a thriving community taking the shape of FOUR very chatty, interactive and supportive Facebook groups.

Some readers find the blog first and subsequently join the Feisty Tapas groups and others find (or are recommended) one or all four of my Facebook groups first and then discover the blog. Either way, what you will find behind the Feisty Tapas banner is a tight-knit community.


Feisty Tapas is me, Feisty Tapas is this blog and Feisty Tapas is four Facebook groups full of amazing people where you will find daily inspiration:

- Thermo Cooking UK with Feisty Tapas, with over 1,500 very chatty UK-based owners of machines such as the Thermomix, KitchenAid Cook Processor, Kenwood K Cook and Tefal Cuisine Companion, Lakeland Multichef or the Aldi and Lidl counter parts. This was my first group.

- Pressure Cooking UK with Feisty Tapas, for those of you with pressure cookers of any type, whether the stove-top variety or the new electric devices that also have other features. I personally have the Instant Pot but it's not restricted to that.

- Feisty Tapas' Health Warriors, a support group for the good and the bad days. Reading suggestions, research, putting things into practice... Whatever type of health kick you're in, you can kick it into shape here.

- Kitchen Gadgetry with Feisty Tapas, the place to unleash your inner kitchen gadget geek. A global group for people from all countries to talk all things kitchen gadget.

All groups are full of like-minded people and through them I (with their help) try to offer support and make sure that no kitchen gadget worth its salt is relegated to a kitchen cupboard.

It's not all food though, I like to call my groups lifestyle communities for kitchen gadget lovers. We chat and we care.


Email: feistytapas and at the top of the right hand side bar you have all my social media details. 

If you are a PR, this blog is my creative outlet and I love helping brands that I believe in through long-term relationships rather than one-off collaborations.

Maria aka Feisty Tapas aka Maria Chorizo Polka Dot
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