Sunday, 10 July 2011

Teething problems

LittleT has 12 teeth already, or so I think as the action of sticking a finger in her mouth to check these developments is actually rather brave at the moment, the girl has quite a strong jaw. She bites on anything and everything during the day and I have to make sure that we always have Bonjela and teethers in the fridge and we don't go anywhere without Sophie la Giraffe, poor Sophie though, I haven't seen her for a few days, no clue where she has ended up, I'm sure I'll find her wedged under something soon.

Teething nights are rather hard, she wakes up a few times and sometimes only lying on her daddy's chest soothes her, which is just as well since he is the one who gets up to calm her down. We had to come to this arrangement because, after working, looking after her, preparing bottles, baby food, grown-up food, putting a few washloads in the washing machine, taking them out to dry or putting them in the dryer, folding them and other baby-caring, adult-caring and household-caring duties, by the time I get to bed and close my eyes it's very difficult to open them until my body and mind have had plenty of rest. I don't know whether this makes me a bad mummy but it is the only way I can actually be functional the following day.

Teething has been a key word in our household of late, apart from a baby with a growing number of teeth: we have had teething problems trying to get into my new working mummy routine, having a tooth knocked out by a headbutting baby, researching next stage rear-facing car seats which apparently come with teethers and should we buy a second set of teethers...

I guess it all comes with the territory and we have a rather easy-going baby so that makes life easier, it just makes work a bit more difficult for both of us, I try to fit mine around baby and Mr Tapas tries to stay awake after some tough nights.

All in all, it's difficult to keep on top of the blog that I started with such excitement. I am thinking that I might buy a refill for my old-style diary and create a schedule ahead of each day and try to stick to it so that I have time for everything. 
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