Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Britmums - What's in your handbag

Name: Maria @ Feisty Tapas
Number of children: 1
Blog: feistytapas.com
Date of photo: 16/08/2011
Items from left to right (starting at top left corner): Red purse; foldable polka dot bag with matching pouch; foldable hairbrush and mirror; Chatsworth leaflet (we were there on Sunday); small polka dot purse containing baby toothbrush, hair accessories, eye make-up and mascara (not that I ever actually wear any make-up, I think it's just in case by some miracle I have the time to slap it on) and a variety of lipsticks and lipglosses (I do wear these to save my poor lips); red heart-shaped coin purse; my Chanel sunglasses (a gift that I am very proud I haven't broken or lost despite having been in my power for about 11 years!); baby's sunglasses; big hair clip; house keys; random piece of paper; out of date Boots vouchers; dummy cover; polka dot tissues; Clinique SPF 15 cream; Bonjela; Carefree pantyliner and wallet with business cards. 

Just to clarify: yes, I am a massive polka dot fan but I have only just noticed that even the pantyliner is wrapped in polka dots!

Thank you Britmums for the chance to clear out the junk in my handbag!

Would you like to take part in Britmums "What's in your handbag?", take a look here (link now out of date I'm afraid).

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