Friday, 19 August 2011

Going potty

Those who know me are aware that I have been going potty for quite a while now, I like to think that that is why they find me lovable. This time my pottiness is actually true to its name.

LittleT will be 14 months old in a few days, starting a couple of weeks ago several people have now told me that she may be ready for potty training. One of those people was my own mother who then proceeded to tell me that I was ready quite early and they potty trained me precisely at around LittleT's age. Proof that I have been going potty for quite a while,  just what I needed!

Here I was confident in the fact that I was getting the hang of motherhood and the world throws this at me. In fact, I was quite relaxed in the knowledge that children don't need to start potty training until they are around two years old.

This is my first baby and, just I was feeling like I was graduating in the world of motherhood and ready to start my masters degree, someone comes along and tells me I may have to jump straight onto a PhD!

LittleT has been telling me when she has pooped or generally needs a nappy change for a while, when we are at home she tends to come to me to let me know, it seems normal because she must be uncomfortable. She makes it quite clear that she is pooping anyway.

Just a few days ago she had quite a bad nappy rash so I let her go without a nappy around the house (brave I know!), she doesn't wee every five minutes anymore so it's not too bad. While I was crouching in the kitchen stocking up a cupboard she walked up to me, tapped my side and, since I didn't know what she wanted, I just gave her a quick cuddle and said something like: "Look, look what mummy is doing, putting all these things in the cupboard" (in Spanish, mind!). Next thing I know I hear a familiar stream of water sound and the bottom of my trousers is covered in a rather big puddle of toddler wee.

It may be that LittleT is ready for potty training but her parents are most definitely not. First of all, we haven't read or heard what potty training is all about or how to go about it. Secondly, we don't even have a potty. I like to research all my baby-related purchases, I thought I had months before even thinking of this one!

I'm going to drive every parent I know crazy with questions, starting with you dear reader: any pearls of wisdom? will any potty do or do we have to look out for something specific?
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