Monday, 8 August 2011

Mummy birthdays

It's my birthday tomorrow (far too close to 40 is all I will say!). I would let it get me down if it wasn't for the fact that, if I think back to just a few years ago, I can clearly remember a single girl living on her own, without much hope of finding "the one" and in fact very close to giving up and resigned to being a spinster all her life. In fact I had pretty much come to terms with the idea of my "spinsterhood" and had realised that actually it was quite fabulous when the lovely Mr Tapas came along.

This year I will celebrate my birthday with a loving husband and a smiley toddling girl. We will both be taking the day off and the three of us will do something together. However, being a "mummy birthday" the first thing I will be doing in the morning is go to the dentist (my husband has the day off so I thought I'd make the most of it since he will be around to look after LittleT!).

Motherhood may be tough at times and working from home may not make it easier but, although sometimes I wish I could go back to my "fabulous" life for just a few hours (back to the days when my clothes weren't covered in baby food, when I was two sizes smaller and I had time and freedom to do things at the drop of a hat), it is indeed for just a few hours and I wouldn't change what I have right now for the world. I remember very clearly  just how hard I fought to get here and, even if it would be nice to get out of the house without having to carry out a whole bag-packing, snack-carrying, baby-chasing military operation, having my 13 and a half month old walk towards me with a big smile in her face and hug my leg as she gently places her cheek on it and makes a lovely sound is a feeling like no other. In fact, it still strikes me that I not only contributed to create her but that I carried her for 9 months. Half of her is me.

So I shall enjoy my mummy birthday (chores, dentist and all) and will try hard not to open those gifts and cards that have already arrived in the post!
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