Monday, 1 August 2011

New: The Mummy Corner and FT's Tips for Dads

From now on my blog will have two new sections: The Mummy Corner and FT's Tips for Dads.

The Mummy Corner will be dedicated to my mummy posts. Since early 2008 my life has seen a quick succession of changes, from single girl living on her own (for years), to girlfriend, to fiancée, to wife, to mummy. For a very long time before that the one constant in my life had always been work, now I'm back at work after my maternity leave and everything is scattered with lovely variables which have meant that I have had to delve into realms I had never understood or imagined.

Starting today I shall endeavour to post about my journey to and through motherhood, the items that have been essential in our adventures with baby and Mondays shall be "Tips for dads" day. The FT's Tips for Dads section will aim to explain some of those conundrums that men face in the lead-up to parenthood, during those first crazy months and so on as family life develops, and try to give tips to help life with baby easier on everyone because, let's face it, however much they warn you that it's hard, exhausting and life-changing, you don't believe it until it happens to you! For that I will of course tap into my own experiences with my husband and baby, but feel free to send any topics you may want to see and help me develop this, and of course any feedback too.

Let's start with something totally fabulous for her but totally incomprehensible for him: the changing bag. Girls, make sure you forward this one to your partners!
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