Friday, 12 August 2011

A date with the old me

Years ago, back when I was single, a friend I hadn't seen for years moved from Paris to London. We had met in the French capital back when I was a student and we had always kept in touch, albeit not very frequently, first by letter and then by email as technology moved into our lives. At one point years ago we both lived in England at the same time so we met again but we lost touch for a while when she moved back to Paris. So when she emailed her change of address, not only did I find out that she had got married but that she had a baby! I seized the opportunity and went to visit her in the big smoke.

I remember being surprised at her new lifestyle, she had such a glamourous apartment in Paris and she always looked so fabulous, and later when she lived in England for a while, she still looked so fantastic. When "single me" went to visit her and her family I was surprised when I saw that she had let herself go so much. It was summer and she had obviously not removed any hair from her armpits in quite a while, she looked tired and worn out, her clothes seemed from another era, definitely not as sophisticated anymore.

Now, however, I understand exactly why she had hairy armpits, hadn't been to the hairdressers in what looked like ages and looked so exhausted. She was a mummy with no family nearby to help her with the baby, not even for half an hour one afternoon. I understand fully because that single girl who went to visit her is now a mummy too, a mummy without family nearby to come help for a few minutes one day for no other reason than "just because", on top of that I am a mummy who works from home, which equates to having two full-time jobs: mummy and translator.

The problem with having two full-time jobs is that it's easy to forget two very important roles in one's life, that of woman and wife. I forget to look after myself and look rubbish most of the time. 

Today all this is about to change, today I am a lucky mummy because for my birthday Mr Tapas booked me a few treatments at The Sanctuary in Cambridge and so I'm looking forward to coming back with hopefully less tightness in my neck from the massage and with pretty toes and hands courtesy of a pedicure and manicure (I'm not washing any dishes today...or tomorrow for that matter!!!).

Teamed up with the fact that last week my parents came to visit from Spain and while we were going round the Cambridge shops I had time to go in changing rooms and try on clothes (which they then proceeded to buy for me), I am hoping to come back feeling like new.

With my new neck, hands and feet and the fact that I now I have a few new clothes that I can wear and look a bit better in (and they are in my new bigger size, I can't really get into the size 10-12s that I have hanging in my wardrobe anymore...or shall I dare say "yet"), I will hopefully look normal and less frumpy!

From here today I would like to apologise to my old friend for the view I had of her and to myself for letting myself go but, as many of you dear fellow mummies will understand, it's just how it goes, we don't always have a choice and we put our children first because, after all, we are mothers.

Here goes to all of you, brilliant mummies, have a lovely weekend!

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