Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Autumn means Dream and Love

I have been moaning for days about the end of summer, about dry leaves on the garden grass, about the chilly wind, about not being able to use my brand new sun lounger as much I would have liked this summer. However, all that moaning stopped yesterday when I went to my wardrobe and saw this:

My lovely Avoca jacket still with the tags still on. I bought it the day the John Lewis summer clearance started and it has been hanging in my wardrobe ever since. It's the first item of clothing I buy myself in my new size that hasn't cost me under a tenner. This new size of mine and me have not been getting on too well but this jacket may just change that. A friend of mine had it in green and all through last winter I was admiring it every time she wore it, but don't worry she was with me when I bought it and she didn't mind that I was copying her, in fact she encouraged me to buy it because she loves hers so much. You see, I'm rather lovely and considerate in my fashion choices, if only my body was cooperating my choices wouldn't be so limited.

Where the ribbons are there are two little metallic words: Love and Dream. Perfect mottos for a sunny Autumn walk with a toddler and starting to think of Halloween with its bright orange carved pumpkins, el día Todos los santos and its buñuelos (similar to mini doughnuts filled with chocolate or cream) and huesos de santo (saint's bones!). Oh dear I'm going to have to learn to make them (that's the "dream" part!)

Now I just need to wear it, I would like to wear it today but it's such a horrible windy and rainy day, not quite the sunny walk on golden Autumn leaves I am picturing.

I wonder which bag will go best with it...

I know it is still summer but let's face it: Happy non-official Autumm everyone!
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