Sunday, 11 September 2011

Ten years on

Friday was the end of an era for me, the end of a decade that made me who I am, but today is the anniversary of the day the world changed.

I was working on-site at a client's premises in Bracknell and, being the freelancing geek that I am, I had a pager that would send me the first line of my emails as well as news headlines, so the news came in that a plane had hit one of the twin towers almost immediately and I was the first one to find out in the office, I told everyone around me and, to my amazement, some of their replies were "what are the twin towers?".

Soon everyone was checking online to find out what was going on and lots of different news were hitting us, each one more devastating than the last. I was staying at a hotel while I was working there so I remember getting back to the hotel shaking and putting the TV on and shaking even more. I am shaking now just thinking about it. Horrible day full of horrible images of debris, pain, loss, death, an endless number of negative words could describe that catastrophe.

The other day my husband wanted to watch one of the documentaries they are showing this week about it but, knowing what I am like, he checked with me before putting it on; I told him to record it and watch it without me, I can't bring myself to watch them, those images are recorded in my head with no delete option.

I was lucky enough to visit the top of one of the towers many years ago, it probably was in 1995 or so. It was in fact on a previous trip to the States that I discovered that I was afraid of heights, so it was quite a daunting trip up in the lift for me but I am glad I did it, now more than ever.

For me it is still very strange to think that, just as the Twin Towers were put on the map for many, they were vanished from it.

Today the thoughts of the Tapas household shall be with the families, the people, the planet that were changed on 11th September 2001.
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