Saturday, 8 October 2011

Swedish Mac musings

Wedding table settings - Macintosh with red ribbon Feisty Tapas
The top table at our wedding
Mr Tapas has spent this week being very Mac geeky in Sweden of all places (no, I don't know why Sweden either). He wasn't attending a week-long tasting event for McDonald's, he was attending a conference about Mac systems something or other. You know, that thing that pays for half of everything in this household, I don't have to understand it, do I? After all, it's all "geek" to me!

It was a bit of a tough week, for us at home because he was away, we missed him and it is hard to juggle work and a toddler, above all when she manages to get a temperature for no apparent reason and I end up fretting. For him, because he missed us and because his beloved Steve Jobs passed away. Now, this is the man who I have seen many a time going through old Steve Jobs' videos, above all when Apple is about to make or has just made a big announcement or something geeky is happening at the mother ship (Apple Inc.'s Cupertino headquarters to you and me). Often I have seen him pointing at the screen and exclaim: "See, I knew he had already said in the late nineties that he wanted to do this and look, he has done it, he has done it AGAIN!". Mr Tapas has been a huge Apple fan since early on, would you believe me if I told you that the name of the top table at our wedding was Macintosh? I have included evidence to the right of these lines. Ours has been defined as the iMarriage.

I have to admit that, as role models go, my husband knows how to choose them, I hate that he will never get to meet Steve Jobs in person though, as his was a household name for us and Mr Tapas has been talking about Laurene and the kids ever since he heard the news. So from the Tapas family, to the Jobs family and the wider Apple family, our deepest condolences and to Steve Jobs himself, a big thank you for not only making the world a better place but for, to a certain extent, bringing Mr Tapas and me together through our geekiness. I met Mr Tapas in early January 2008, just a few days earlier on Christmas day 2007 I received a red Apple nano with the inscription "It's never too late if...", those three dots were quickly filled in by meeting my husband at 34, getting married to him at 35, having his baby at 36, it may all be what people consider "later in life" but it's never too late (if...). Our first ever date involved a quick visit to the Apple store, obviously!

Swedish reindeer souvenirs
I am guessing that Jobs' death is about to hit Mr Tapas this weekend, now that he is back surrounded by a moderately geeky big person and geekily growing small person, he may realise what a huge loss this is for him, his sector and the world but I can't help thinking "look what he left behind, what a fantastic person the world has got to meet".

Now, this week has had some small perks and they arrived with him last night: Swedish souvenirs and toiletry treats from the Elite Plaza Hotel (which appears to have an excellent turn-down service with chocolates and cognac, see photo below). The toiletries, amazingly enough, are quintessentially British, Penhaligon's nonetheless, can't wait to use them! There is something very luxurious about certain miniature bottles and these ones have a fantastic shape.

To the right you can see a few Swedish reindeer-themed souvenirs, do you see that mug? This is a miracle! I am not allowed to buy (any more) mugs, I love mugs! And cups and saucers...phonetically it goes well with bags, doesn't it? Mugs and bags and cups. Mugs and bags and cups. It's like a little tune.

My tip: Always send your partner on a trip abroad with one of those clear plastic zippable bags for airport security controls, since they insist on travelling with hand luggage only, so that they can put everything in it before leaving the hotel!

Hotel room treats

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