Friday, 9 December 2011

Christmas wish list

I can't quite believe it but December is here, which means that in just a couple of weeks time, Christmas will be here too, time to write my first letter to Santa and Los Reyes for the first time in years!

Dear Santa and Queridos Reyes Magos (two for the price one, the luck of being Spanish),

I have been a really good girl this year, I have worked hard as a mum, wife and translator. I have jumped over all the hurdles that life insisted to place along the way (I'm beginning to think that karma malarkee is rubbish by the way!) and I believe I managed to cross the finish line quite successfully every time, however along that race I seem to have lost a bit of me and we really need to rectify that so for Christmas I would please like:

1) Peace and quiet, no stress, no tension and plenty of sleep.

2) A weekend away with my husband. Yes, just him, I love our daughter very much and I know it is hard to find someone to take her for the whole weekend but, if you could arrange, I would be really grateful.

3) A day or two out on my own with friends, coffee and a muffin, lunch, huge amounts of gossip and trying really hard to sort every single problem in the world.

4) The excitement of planning our move to the new house, please send us a bit of Christmas fairy dust to make it all go well.

5) A bit of "me time" would be nice too.

Now, for the "things" that I want in life:

1) A changing bag, preferably from one of my Little known changing bag brands worth knowing. I already have Mia Tui, in fact the lovely owner has already sent me an early Christmas present (thank you Charlotte!). I would probably be rather mad at Santa Tapas for spending too much money when we're about to pay a fortune to move houses so I think the Sophia & Matt is perfect (can't decide which polka dot type though, I love them all!). I also love the Sugarjack Rebecca (half price at the moment!) but I'm feeling the guilt of Santa Tapas spending so much money just on me! Because I have been working so hard I have been considering ordering it but feel so guilty about it, I am rubbish at treating myself. Then there is the Shivali by Mamami by Chet... Ok, let's move away from bag territory, it's dangerous!

2) As most of you know, I work from home. Once we are all set up at our new home, I plan on having my office on the top floor (it's going to be a combination of office, wardrobe space, guest room, play room really) but I am hoping that not working from the kitchen table anymore and with more space to be better organised in the new house I'll be able to get a good schedule for the three of us, I quite like the idea of these Organised Mum diaries and planners. However, Santa, you may have to give me the willpower and time to actually keep it up-to-date and share it with Mr Tapas.

 3)  Joseph Joseph Index Advance chopping boards. It would mean that we can get rid of all the mismatch old chopping boards that we have acummulated. *12/12/11- Note to Santa: I have ordered this myself from Achica as they had it at a very good price,  I thought I would save you some money since the economy is in a rather rocky boat*

4) Pretty notebooks, not too pricey, but my current "stock" is about to run out :) Paperchase is a good place for them.

5) One of these space saving Nespresso capsule holders. The flat box we use right now is lovely but just takes up too much kitchen surface.
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