Sunday, 26 February 2012

How to fix iPhone 4S if it is texting from a different number

Today I bring you a geeky post courtesy of Mr Tapas (also known as the Big Mac Geek).

When the new iPhone 4S came out I was there on day two to collect my pre-ordered handset, I would have been there on day one but the aforementioned Mr Tapas drove away with the pram in the car and let's just say that the idea of facing the centre of Cambridge with a 16 month old toddler after a 30 minute bus ride wasn't appealing.

I picked up my brand new and shiny new iPhone, swapped my number to Three, everything went really smoothly. But a few weeks ago the user of an iPhone 4 told me that she was receiving my texts as if they were coming from a different number, she didn't have that number in her contacts and so half of the time she didn't know they were from me. It turned out the phone still had the temporary number registered on it, you know, the one that it came with and that I used for a few days until my old number was ported.

Mr Tapas sorted it out  for me and, since just a few days later a phone who also uses an iPhone 4S and who also swapped to Three had exactly the same problem, here are the steps to solve it:
  • Open Settings
  • Select FaceTime, switch it off
  • Go back to Settings
  • Select Messages, switch off iMessage
  • Restart iPhone
  • Open Settings
  • Select FaceTime, switch it on - might take a while to register, but when it does you should see your correct number
  • Go back to Settings
  • Select Messages, switch iMessage on - again it might take a while, and in fact on Maria's I left it over 10 minutes, and just closed and opened Settings and it had updated
  • Now synchronise with iTunes (if you normally do) and it should update the information in iTunes too.
That's it in as non-geeky a fashion as I can explain it.
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