Saturday, 31 March 2012

How to move house in a week. Part 1.

I am extremely pleased that Operation "Move the Tapas" has started. Yes, my little family is finally on the move. I say finally because the last few months have, at times, been heartbreaking. In a way we have been lucky to have sold my single girl flat last September to help us have a deposit and have managed to get a mortgage at a time when so many people are being rejected.

However, our adventure in the real estate world as a family got off to a bad start when we found a house last November, only to find out some nasty stuff about it when nearing exchange. We pulled out of that purchase on our solicitor's very wise recommendation. It wasn't the perfect house but it was the right location in the right catchment area. The general consensus was that that wasn't "our house" and that we would find another, better home.

When that purchase didn't go through, nothing was available in our price range in our chosen location so we decided to look elsewhere, somewhere where we know people who are extremely happy. We didn't leave it too long before we got back "on the market". We viewed four houses in one day, the last one was "the one". Odd how things happen, remember about 6 weeks ago when it was -15ÂșC and the whole country was covered in snow? Well, that day the estate agent had us waiting in the car for over half an hour, the moment we decided it was time to leave and turned the car on, he turned up. When husband got back in the car after viewing the house, he just said a few words: "When can we move in?".

Now, I immediately fell in love with the house too but my husband is extremely attached to our current home, this was his bachelor pad when we met, so him saying these words was pretty much a miracle. This was a Saturday, the house had just gone on the market a couple of days before, we put in an offer on the Monday, about an hour later it had been accepted and approximately 8 weeks later we will be moving into our new home. We reckon it was the easiest sale these estate agents had, and they almost lost it on account of being late.

Despite it all, the most heartbreaking part of our house hunt wasn't losing a house, it wasn't the stress of useless paperwork, it was in fact walking into other people's breaking hearts. I will never forget the unspoken pain of the couple whose fantastic house we visited, they had obviously recently lost a baby, they had obviously grown apart and into different bedrooms, their hearts will never mend. It was the male counterpart showing us around, with a deep sadness in his eyes and a new puppy to try to fill a gap, obviously trying his best to pick the pieces of his relationship and fix the woman he loves. That part I will never forget. Although they will never know that I am throwing this into the universe as they have no idea who I am, I hope that my thoughts and blogging words create a different balance in the universe, tilting it to allow me to sprinkle a little fairy dust on their lives and send them a bit of happiness.

Follow Operation "Move the Tapas" on the second part of the saga here.
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