Sunday, 18 March 2012

iStylista Review, Competition and Discount

*Competition closed and I think iStylista isn't active anymore*

Recently I was given the chance to try my own at-home stylist and personal shopper service thanks to the wonders of the web, iStylista, which claims to have been "created to allow women everywhere the opportunity to shop for the latest designer clothes with confidence and convenience that comes with having a personal stylist".

Let's see it it does what it says on the tin (or rather the press release), shall we?

I write this before I even enter the iStylista system and my first duty as a blogger with integrity is to tell you that I am rather cynical about this kind of system, I am a rather curvy person, I am about 2 sizes bigger now than when I met my husband and I do wonder whether an online service can tell me better than the mirror and my judgment how to dress and what my style is or, perhaps, what it should be.

Let's check it, shall we? I shall write this post as I go so that it is genuine.
Right, first hurdle: decide my body shape, I had to ask husband and we agreed I remain an hourglass, good to know! Next step: measurements. I thought it would be real measurements but they ask for sizes and this is part of my problem, I have no idea what my size is anymore plus the fact that I am an hourglass is highlighted by the fact that I am curvy, with a small back and rather a lot of boobage. At this stage I would have preferred them to hassle me to get the tape measure out and measure chest, under chest, waist, hips... Luckily enough I paid a trip to Bravissimo the other day and tried clothes there so I roughly know my size (very roughly). Next, face shape (can I just suggest you have someone with you when completing these steps?). Right, on to colours: eye colour (can I just point out hazel is missing?), hair colour (easy, just went to the hairdresser today), skin colour (for a Spaniard rather pale). Right, lifestyle: I am a stay at home mum who also work from home full-time, but as soon as I choose housewife, I can't select anything else so I can't reflect that I am a professional who is also a yummy mummy and housewife, yummy mummy it is (although I fully well know I am not).

Hold on I think we may have hit something positive: Additional style advices. Will I be able to write my boobdom and tiny back situation in here? Hmm one of them at least.

Can I just say before I order my report that I love 50s styles and I would love to look like Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, Ava Gardner, perhaps a bit of Sophia Loren but, seriously, Grace Kelly will do.

I should also mention that my favourite colour is red and I think I really suit brown too.

Right, after a bit of lovely dinner (lomo and manchego with crusty warm rolls), during which I thought of things like "there was nowhere to indicate my saggy bottom", I'm back ready to read my completed report, would you like to embark in this potential journey of discovery with me? Thought so, come this way please.

"Your cardinal sin is hiding those fabulous curves, you’re gifted so just you remember that! Primarily your wardrobe should be full of fitted clothes that cling and extend that gorgeous torso; anything else is a waste on your lovely figure" Have they been talking to my husband???

Think Marilyn Monroe... Ok, we're on the right track!

Oooh I think they might be right on what they say about the shoes too, I always thought so!

There's a mention of polka dots, my favourite (just see my header!).

According to this I need to buy new shoes, something I already knew since a few months ago my favourite boots just stopped "working" (slipping on the kitchen floor because the sole is so flat isn't a good thing) and just today the zip on my black knee high leather boots got stuck, then broke, I tried my other lovely black boots on, they are too tight on the foot nowadays, I can't remember the last time I bought shoes to be honest, I find something I love and wear it to death.

"Get fitted for the best bra money can buy" Done, just the other day I paid a trip to Bravissimo, already knew this one, I always say that it's all down to good engineering. You have to lay good foundations.

Wow the large bust section is long and detailed.

The colour palette recommended for me is rather accurate, there are reds and browns (in fact brown is one of my neutral colours that I should wear lots!), however there are some greens and certain shades of green and I don't fully get on but this is due to something that they didn't ask about: the dark circles under my eyes (genetic and on one eye worsened by my accident).

On to my Yummy Mummy capsule wardrobe. First off they recognise the hectic lifestyle, surprised and impressed so not caring that much now that I didn't get to tell them that I work from home (still would love the option though). They mention oversized handbags (yes please!).

They even mention hairstyles, oh dear I just had my hair cut today, let's see... Not bad! I can get away with lots apparently.

Apparently my glasses are totally the right colour, yay!

All in all, rather good. Better than I thought to be honest. Apparently I get my own Online Changing Room, shall we check it out? Let's start by taking a look at the dresses, I'm not much of a trouser girl these days. Not bad, not bad, of course I can't be sure without trying them and a lot of the styles I would really need to try to be sure as they are more fitted than my self-esteem currently allows. My eyes are being drawn to lovely dresses with price tags of over £200 but hold on I just saw a Dorothy Perkins one for £15 on the list, must come back to that one (I now can log into my Changing Room any time you see). Pages and pages of options.

It even recommends knitwear (where I have just spotted a lovely V neck jumper with a cute bow for £29.99), shoes and swimwear.

Ok, I confess it, I'm a bit impressed and the cynic in me does realise that it has turned out better than expected, there are definitely a few tips in there that I can put into practice, above all where trousers, shoewear and boobage maximisation (in a minimising way) are concerned and I will do that soon.

Now, would you like your own iStylista experience? I have 10, yes 10, to give away. Do you know why it's 10? Because that's our number, all of us, 10 out of 10, whatever shape or size! This is my first ever blog competition too!

Prize: 10 iStylista Style Goddess style guide worth £30 each.

If you can't wait, I can offer you a code for 40% off your own personalised Style Goddess guide. Just use code: R4E6-3YD4-VR. It's easy: Step 1 – Go to *website not active anymore* and click ‘Download’ under the Style Goddess column. Step 2 – Complete your style questionnaire and enter code R4E6-3YD4-VR when prompted towards the end of the questionnaire.

Ready, set, go enter! Just use the simple method below.

*Winners chosen, notified and enjoyed their prizes*
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