Sunday, 11 March 2012

Red and white wedding cake

Have you seen my friend Mummy Manda's latest work of art? It's her dad's 60th birthday cake. Her brother is getting married soon and her mother is in charge of the wedding cake, Amanda may well be helping after the success of her cake, which apparently not only looked good but tasted utterly delicious, so I promised I would share my wedding cake with her for a bit of inspiration.

I came up with the idea for the cake after watching the film "What happens in Vegas" and my mother-in-law and sister-in-law took it upon themselves to create it. I didn't see the cake until I was already married and walked into the wedding breakfast. I was shocked how well they had managed to recreate my vision and it helped tie everything in as there were polka dots pretty much everywhere that day, the same polka dots you see on my logo. I do have a passion for polka dots.

The bottom and top tiers were fruit cake and the middle was lemon drizzle (my husband's favourite). What I really wanted was chocolate cake but unfortunately in the "tests" (I do wonder where all that test cake went!) it sunk with the weight so they created a separate chocolate cake, I felt very special because, when they realised how quickly it was all disappearing, they stashed a slice or two behind the bar for me and every time I went past the bar area the waiter pulled it out just in case I wanted some, cake on demand, what else could a bride want?

I now keep a photo of the cake permanently in my Wedding Time Capsule.

Red and white wedding cake with polka dots and stripes
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