Wednesday, 11 April 2012

How not to move house in a week

Simple, don't fall down the stairs and end up with a purple swollen toe that doesn't fit in the one pair of shoes that you had on the day before and that you were expecting to use for a couple of days until you found your other footwear, packed by the nice removal people.

On the other hand, when enthusiastically trying to tidy up your kitchen after dinner to retain those just moved-in qualities of unorganised tidiness, don't let a mug drop magically behind you leaving you with a big cut on your heel. You know, the shoeless heel a few centimetres behind your swollen purple toe, the one that you had left uncovered because it felt so much better against the coldness of the floor.

Just thought I'd warn you just in case you're as clumsy a mover as me.
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