Thursday, 26 April 2012

Town living vs village living

I had forgotten how nice it is to get local newspapers, leaflets, junk mail... when you live in a town. Of course living in a village it meant that there wasn't as much junk to put in the recycling bin but this is such a nice way to get to know what is on offer in the place where you live and we do now live in a town, as opposed to the middle of nowhere.

At least paper is one of the few things that is recycled in our new town, we have gone from recycling pretty much everything in our old house (despite of being located in the middle of nowhere) to a decade ago and only being able to recycle paper, glass and cans on one hand and on the other cardboard, garden cuttings et al. but the cardboard is recycled with that so it won't be at its most valuable. Also, no bins are provided so it all lives in our garage until collection day.

But look, the local newspaper just came crashing through the letter box (we now have a letter box!!!) and right on the cover it says that there may be a future investment to improve the "district's poor recycling rates". And I didn't have to go googling for this information myself for once.

On a totally different urban vs rural note, I like being able to go for walks and not have to always go to the exact same place every time (this does have my poor toddler a bit confused though), I can even walk to a shop without endangering my life trying to cross on a high casualty road (for me that is a major bonus!).

How about you? What do you prefer? Country living or town living?
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