Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Cybher 2012: the day I met satchels

I had heard about satchels before, in fact I know that a particular brand is quite big even in Spain at the moment. However, they always reminded me a bit of school bags or even university bags for quirky people, like the nerdy American mathematician PhD student boyfriend I had in university.

That was until I arrived to Cybher early (very early) and saw rows and rows of them all laid out looking so beautiful on several tables. My first thought was, do we get to keep them? But of course they were for us to keep! I immediately went into such an overexcited frenzy about which colour to pick that I forgot to take a photo of this spectacular view and ended up getting totally the wrong colour. I should have gone for pink, it was the colour of Cybher. But I am totally happy with my understated baby blue one too.

Leather satchel exclusively handcrafted for Cybher attendeesThe rationale behind my decision was: I wear a lot of red (I do, a lot), I do own a hot pink bag that, because of my love of red, just doesn't go with a lot of what I wear so it "stays in" a lot? Eighties school girl motto: pink and red are not to be mixed (unless you're Sarah Jessica Parker, but she had only done Footloose int the 80s, Carrie Bradshaw came much later on).

Little did I realise that the pink satchel would look gorgeous hanging from my office on a permanent basis as the previous owners left the hot pink blinds, lamp shade and wall decals behind them and I quite like them!

Note to oneself: when faced with bags, just get the brightest one, you know that is the one that is most you. Never overthink a bag purchase, go with your first impulse.

Of course, none of this would have happened if there had been a red one but, don't worry, I did tell this to the creators (The Leather Satchel Co) as they had a stand at the conference and they showed me the swatch for a new patent red satchel that will be coming out, it is absolutely gorgeous. Oh and customisable. Yes, I thought that might get your attention.

One thing is for sure, I will be "bag" on trend this summer!

Everyone is doing posts about what they learnt about Cybher, you know, serious ones, and so will I, I promise I will, but all I can think right now are bags and boobs after the fabulous 12th of May 2012.

Boobs? Boobs? Ah yes, come back soon for more about Cybher.

Read more on Cybher here.
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