Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Cybher 2012: What on earth to wear?

With only 3 days to go I am increasingly excited about going to Cybher on Saturday. Cybher is an all-female conference for bloggers. Blogging royalty is going to be present, for me that royalty not only includes those bloggers who top the lists every month, with thousands of followers, but also those who strike a very strong chord with me, those who I truly relate to, those who sometimes make me teary and those who make me laugh out loud and thank my lucky stars that I am not in public when the coffee I was so happily drinking starts coming out of my nose in between snorts of laughter.

This is the opportunity to meet them all face-to-face. Some of them I have met before and I can't wait to catch up with them again. Some of them I have never met in person but I have been tweeting with them for ages, they have commented on my blog, I have commented on theirs, blogging relationships have been built. You see, blogging is not just about blogging, it's about what and who you find through it. The "who" has turned out to be not just myself but lots of other fantastic, courageous, shy or outgoing people writing about all sorts of stuff that gets other people excited and interested but, most importantly, who help people overcome fears, depression and generally bad times.

I think I know what geeky techy stuff I will be taking with me, what I have no clue about is what on earth to wear!

Because I don't tend to show my face on my blog too often, here is what I will most definitely be wearing for those of you who are used to my avatar, look for it hanging from some anatomic or clothed part of me:

The Feisty Tapas blogging card

If you see it, 
don't be shy, 
come say hi!

Now, for the boring more mundane stuff, stop reading now if you aren't fussed about post-having-a-child body insecurities.

Basically, if I could lose 10 kilos by Saturday, I wouldn't have a problem but, looking at my wardrobe and not wanting to look at the mirror, I haven't got a clue.

So, armed with a few outfits that may work, this afternoon LittleT and I are going to descend on my next door neighbour and her little girl to ask for advice and use her full-length mirror. She has been warned, she has agreed to it, what she doesn't know is that I am a blogger, she probably thinks I am going to a translation conference.

In my "offline" life, I don't tell many people about my blog and, when I do, I tend not to mention the name. I probably would have a lot more followers if I did but I probably would change the way I blog, so I choose not to mention it.

What will obviously happen this afternoon is that we will get chatting, we will have coffee (she has promised to have the kettle on) and I will come back happy but without having tried a single outfit and then I will have to bug my husband to help me and you know what men are like, right? You look fabulous in anything honey. How can I get the love blinkers off him for a few minutes and then put them firmly back on?

So, dear readers and Cybher delegates, if I look like rubbish on Saturday it will be due to my lack of weight loss, to the fact that I am not used to getting up at 5.30 in the morning and to the fact that I prefer a nice chat and coffee to a session of trying on outfits that I know are going to make me feel fat. However, I will be really excited to be there and that will show in my face and you will all forget that I wore a mismatch of clothes and shoewear. I will of course have a fabulous handbag with me, but that's just me (have you realised that handbags fit you whatever your size?).


Unless I change my mind (unlikely): I will be wearing this dress and these polka dotty tights (you didn't think the polka dots on my logo were just by chance, did you??). It may be polka dot overkill but never mind.

The jacket is from Avoca (on sale half price last summer), I love it, I even wrote about it here. The dress is from Kew.159, I treated myself to it the day after I sold my single girl flat last September. The silk polka dot belt is from a Spanish chain called Dayaday. The tights are from M&S, I've worn them lots this year, I love them. The shoes (pumps) are Pretty Ballerinas (I inherited these from my mother, they're so comfy but falling apart, as you might notice on the day). Right, name dropping done, just bear in mind, once I am in these clothes, they won't look so slim!

Do you want to know what everyone else is planning to wear or not to wear? Here you have a fab linky, don't expect it all to be about clothes.

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