Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Needlework days: Towels

I have a thing for stitching on items that will look like a totally finalised product by the end I finish that last stitch and get that last thread in place. That's why I love stitching on towels with aida bands, when I finish I just have to wash them and they're ready to use (or be given to someone as a present).

This is, as far as I remember, the very first towel I stitched, it's actually a set: one bath towel and two hand towels. I found the template in a Spanish fashion and lifestyle magazine, Telva I believe it was, I must have stitched this almost 20 years ago and I am sure I have the template somewhere if anyone wants it. It probably used either Anchor or DMC threads so the numbers should remain the same, plus I am one to mix and match if necessary.

A set of three towels, one large bath sheet and two hand towels with aida border embroidered with cross stitch motif in different tones of blue, perfect for a modern bathroom
I still use this set at home

A few years later I had the urge to stitch another towel set, this was given to me, I don't particularly like the colour and finding a suitable pattern was difficult but the towels are thick and soft so I do like them. I think I finally found the patter, after much searching, in a magazine that I don't think it's published anymore. I must find it and show you all, I have kept all the issues I bought because the designs were fabulous and so were the freebies.

Autumnal leaves cross stitch

My one complaint about towels with aida bands is that they tend to be quite small and thin, I like big, thick, soft bath sheets.

I have a new set at home, well I have had it for a few years now waiting for the right pattern, it's aqua coloured and I think it's going to turn into a set for LittleT with a cute cross stitch motif. I shall keep you posted.

I look forward to seeing what everyone has been up to and what progress you have made. Everyone welcome, so come show off your needlework projects.

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