Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Old style bookshops

Now that we are dwellers of The Fens, the time has come to investigate what our new surroundings have to offer. One thing is clear, LittleT and I have a lot more chances to get out and about. It was during one of such outings that we discovered Burrows Bookshop in Ely a couple of weeks ago.

The only way to describe it is by reminding you of the bookshop that Meg Ryan's character owned in the film You've got Mail. It is an old-style bookshop. One of those that just don't seem to exist anymore, with books, knowledge and a modern twist thanks to all the paraphernalia that nowadays accompanies our children's favourite literary characters. According to their website it was established in 1994 though so it's just come off age really.

The goody bag
While we were there I bought LittleT a fantastic ballet pop-up book and I signed her up for story time, which was to be held on Saturday April 28th.

So off we went last Saturday, a really rainy grey Saturday by the way, to her first ever storytelling session. It was fantastic! I think I enjoyed it just as much as the kids. The storytellers were the two ladies who run the shop, the name of one of them is Sue and the other one escapes me right now. They were both fantastic, they told the stories with such enthusiasm and they obviously knew the books quite well.

We ended up buying two of the books that were read during the session and signing LittleT up for their Children's Book Club, which comes with a few benefits such as 10% off all year round and an age-appropriate goody bag that we picked up today. It came with a Moomin cuddly toy, a couple of books, her membership card, some stickers (but we will just forget about those for now until she learns the only thing you do to the walls is admire them from afar).

Now, LittleT owns a whole lot of books, she loves sitting down and "reading" them, either to herself or to us, sometimes she will even let us read them "to her", you know, like it should be. However, one of the books we bought for her on Saturday sticks out as unusual, it was the first book the fabulous storytellers read and it was called The Worst Princess.

By Anna Kemp and Sara Ogilvie, The Worst Princess is a fantastic book, the fairy tale of a feisty princess who just doesn't stick to what is expected of her and does it her own way. It's a literary must-have. A great modern twist of the traditional fairy tales I grew up reading. You will be surprised by the happily ever after in this one.

As husband pointed out, at one point I was an adult on my own quite obviously enjoying the storytelling on my own as he was up at the other end with LittleT who was beginning to get tired. In my defence though, it was just fantastic.

He also pointed out that I like The Worst Princess because I relate to it, he may have a point there too.

An inner view of The Worst Princess. Click on the photo to read the clever writing of this book

Do you have one such bookshop near you?

*This is by no means an sponsored post, they don't know I'm a blogger at the bookshop. What I do plan though is to tell you more about some of the books we have been buying for LittleT so come back soon*
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