Tuesday, 31 July 2012

A WAHM with childcare

Yes, you read right. After 2 years and a month (I may have been counting) of being a mum without childcare I have finally got a childminder. Don't get too excited, it's only 7 hours two days a week (so 14 hours in total a week). LittleT has settled so well there after just three sessions, she recognises the door, greets the childminder with a cheerful "Hiya" when that door opens and is ready for me to leave straight away.

18th birthday cake
So, what am I doing with that extra time? Well, thanks to the broadband debacle of July 2012 I have not been able to take as much work as I would have hoped so during the first settling-in session (a couple of hours), I went into town to look for whatever could turn my little family of three into Dr Who characters for my nephew's 18th birthday party, look at the cake his parents commissioned for him. It was chocolate inside and so moist, it was the perfect 18th birthday cake.

I also sat down at Starbucks for an alone coffee. It was weird I confess, this is something 3, 4, 5, 6. years ago I did regularly, I will soon get used to it though.

During the second session (4 hours) I came back home after having placed a Tesco order and decided to clean the fridge (well, it was weird not having a child with me), that is until my husband who was working from home in an attempt to avoid the Olympic ceremony mayhem in London sent me packing into town to get myself a coffee, with the help of a couple of tweets from Ms Xpat and Kate from Crafts on Sea. So I did, at a fabulous little place called 3At3 with a lovely terrace, gorgeous coffee and friendly service.

3At3 Coffee
I then walked home to drive to get LittleT. Yes, you read that right, not only do I have childcare but I drove on my own to go pick LittleT up! Ok, by this time you must be truly impressed eh!

Yesterday she was at the childminders again and this time I had even more hours to myself so I replaced a toilet seat, took another Tesco delivery (I worked on a menu to save me time and save us money and felt very organised by doing so).

So, with things going like this and broadband working again (I am thanking the Internet gods for that one), I bought the Delivery Saver package from Tesco as we buy our groceries online from them all the time but I tend to make it big orders to make the most of the delivery charge. I thought I would save money and if I make a smaller order a couple of times a week, then I would be much more organised all week long for weeks to come.

Today LittleT went to her first dance class, it's only for little ones of course so nothing serious but parents were not allowed in the room, only outside it where there are sofas and coffee, I got chatting with the other mums so I felt lucky when the teacher said LittleT would be ok to keep going back 2 days a week during the summer, she is the littlest one in the class (not in size, mind) so I was concerned that she may disrupt it a little but she loved it, I took a peek and spotted her little feet in fake ballet slippers a couple of times (how glad am I that I had packed them just in case as most of the kids were in proper outfits).

Something had to give, didn't it?

It did, it started last night and then more today, after Mr Tapas read this article about Tesco's online security being quite inefficient. You may have heard this before but Mr Tapas is a major geek. So now I am all fidgety about shopping online with Tesco at all, let alone about the £60 I paid to Tesco for the Delivery Saver and generally thinking I should contact Tesco and ask for an explanation. I have been shopping online with Tesco for many years, pretty much going back to when they started the service so, except the odd system updates, I know that website inside out and that familiarity helps me shop faster and has me going back to them. I did try Ocado a while back but it is more expensive and I wasn't as familiar with their system.

Let's just hope either Tesco changes their system or issues a statement explaining why and what they have in place.

In summary, I am a WAHM with childcare (yippee!!) however my luck remains the same. I guess some things never change eh!

By the way, have you seen that I have finally blogged a few recipes? You haven't? Come this way, the Maple-Glazed Chicken is especially good and I promise there is more to come, I have become one of those bloggers who take photos as they cook. Or does that just make me a blogger full stop? I am thinking a cookery, presentation or photography course might come in handy though.

Notice the self-plug? Well, if you got this far reading this post, I thought I might as well since my luck is changing for the worst as we say in Spanish "from lost to the river" (de perdidos al río). Yes, we do. If you're in England you would probably say "In for a penny, in for a pound" and, let's face it, as usual it's the pounds that fly out of my pocket!
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