Friday, 13 July 2012

Crappy moments

There is a moment in every parent's life when the crap can quite literally hit the fan, sometimes it misses the fan and comes straight at you. I know, I know, I've been talking about the proverbial fan (or is it the shit that is proverbial?) in another post too but it is an expression that is coming rather handy at the moment.

Talking about hands, let me tell you about yesterday morning's toddler escapades. LittleT (currently just over 2 years old, having had her birthday 3 weeks ago) woke up early and so papi got her into bed with us, something we do every morning so that she has breakfast (her milk) in bed, spoilt toddler I know. However, when it's very early like yesterday, we try to get her to sleep by lying her down in bed between us.

Yesterday mami and papi fell back asleep but LittleT didn't, she was happy pottering around and she is quite safe in our room.

We just didn't count on the crap factor that is toddler curiosity.

Well, it's an X factor, or should I say Y factor because wonder why I do indeed.

You see, after going back to sleep yesterday I woke up to Mr Tapas saying to LittleT:

"Hmm thanks for sharing"

My sleepy response was something to the effect of:

"What's up"

It may have been in Spanish, at that sleepy time of the morning I never know which language my mouth is coming up with as my brain may be thinking something totally different. Anyway...

Some moments deserve a cup of imaginary tea
Husband's reply:

"She (meaning of course LittleT) just pooped... and offered me a bit"

Well, that woke me up to the poop covered hands and a bewildered husband.

I later found marks on the way to the ensuite for some rather necessary hygiene, one on the wall to the left and one on the wardrobe door to the right of her path of crappy destruction.

Now, back to the Y factor. Why oh Y do they do it as they all appear to do it. And how oh how do I stop it? Tips please!

And, while you're at it, what was the strangest way you have ever been woken up by your kids?
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