Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Needlework Days: stitchables (July 2012 edition)

After a few weeks of going round the house coming up with too many ideas for this Needlework Days post, I finally settled on stitchables after a chat with a newly-met blogging acquaintance: Rachael from Sew, ray, me. If you don't know her blog, I advise you to quickly add it to your reader as it is truly amazing. In fact, I thought of Minibreak Mummy's Ruth the moment I saw these sewing kits in Rachael's shop, because Ruth takes a cross-stitch emergency kit everywhere. Clever girl!

Right, I can't wait to see what my fellow Needlework Days stitchers have been up to so let's get on with: stitchables.

As most of you know I grew up in Spain, where cross-stitch is a big hobby. I started when I was about 11 and haven't stopped ever since (bar the had-a-baby break). In Spain it is very easy to find items either with Aida bands or built-in Aida, ready for the stitcher to leave their mark. There are plenty of gorgeous products and over the years I have accumulated quite a few. I have stitched lots of them but some remain "blank" waiting for their owner to have time.

A lot of them are by Spanish brands such as the set of towels that I want to stitch for LittleT (which is by Trovador) and a lot of them (bought in the clearance of a shop that was closing down a few years ago) are Italian, by a brand called Fratelli Graziano, which I have just found online here. They have utterly gorgeous items.

I have had DMC stitchables before, such as the white set of towels with the blue border from this previous post, but I have never found them to be the best quality or creativity compared to the stitchables I find in Spain by Spanish brands.

For this post I would like to take you on a little tour of what I have stitched and what I have left to stitch.

These kitchen towels are by Graziano, they are absolutely gorgeous and they are waiting for time to be stitched:

I did a different Graziano towel a while ago, I wanted it to be as manly as cross-stitch can be because I was going to send it in the post to my now husband, so I did this:

I also have a couple of waffle towels left, I have done lots of them in the past, these are a couple of borders I have done so far, you may well recognise one of them from a previous post, I actually had forgotten I had stitched them onto a waffle towel too (my mother taught me to reserve a towel for my face hence the waffle towels): 

Other items with Aida currently in my cross-stitch box eagerly waiting for my return to the needlework world are these bibs and this kitchen accessories set with oven mitts etc.

But not all my stitchables are ready-made shop-bought items, look at what my grandma did for me a few years ago when she still crocheted. She would buy these large squares and crochet the border so that I could then cross-stitch my own stuff and use them as coffee table linen (I love table linen). I am very fond of these as it means we create something together, my grandma and me.

Which brings me to the tablecloth with Aida that my mother bought for me a while back but that I have never stitched as it didn't fit my old dining table nor does it fit our current kitchen table. Although quite large, the tablecloth is too small.

These are all the stitchables waiting for me to get crafty, will I ever complete all (or any) of them?

Looking through all these items I realised that I have two of the stripy Graziano kitchen towels and, since it is my birthday in just a couple of weeks, I thought I'd have a little birthday giveaway, so just fill in the Rafflecopter below and next month you could receive post from yours truly. Note: if you're a professional comper could I please ask you to refrain from entering as this is something I'm giving away from my own stock, without sponsorship of any class and I would rather it went to someone who will really appreciate it for themselves or for a close friend or family member who adores cross-stitching.
a Rafflecopter giveaway And here is the linky, with all the excitement you probably thought I had forgotten, if you don't blog and would rather Tweet or Instagram, just use hashtag #NeedleworkDays:
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