Friday, 17 August 2012

A little announcement

Nope, this is not a pregnancy announcement. Although, seriously what has been going on with the bloggy water? So many pregnancy announcements lately from lots of fabulous bloggers, it's going to be lovely come the beginning of next year.

My latest announcement is related to the amazing opportunities that blogging has brought me: amazing friendships, a huge amount of support and the confidence to cook more, to be a mum, to trust myself. So, when opportunities like this come along nowadays, I do my research (some things never change), I trust myself and I say yes.

You will notice a distinct lack of crafts on this blog and a huge amount pinned on my Pinterest board. This is due to the fact that I am absolutely craft-challenged, I already was as a kid: I can't draw, I can't cut in a straight line, the only thing I can do is cross-stitch (and thank goodness for that one). So in the crafty world I survive with my own methods.

Last week for my birthday I wanted to make my usual birthday cake, I am not great at baking mainly due to a sheer lack of patience to invest time in all the preparations and then having to wait for ages to bake, cool down... There are two sweet things I can make: Marble cake and Biscuit cake (what in Spain is known as Tarta de galletas). Yes, they both have chocolate.

LittleT likes helping with the Marble Cake, it's messy but fun and she loves eating her creation so I decided that this year she might just be ready to help with my "World Famous Biscuit Cake" (it does acquire international renown if people from several countries in different continents have tried it and liked it, no?).

She got covered in chocolate but she had an absolute blast and, what can I say, the result was just beautiful. But the best part was the proud smile on her face.

You can read all about how we did it, with all sorts of hints and tips to keep you sane, at Mindful Mum because, drum roll please, I am their new features writer (I really can't wait to add that title to my CV!). You'll find me there as Maria FT (short for Maria "Feisty Tapas").

I do hope you enjoy it, it's so easy to make that even a toddler can do do it!

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