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Business Mums Blog Carnival - August 2012

Blog Carnival - Big PinkThis month I am proud to be hosting the Business Mums Blog Carnival - August 2012, if you're new to the Feisty Tapas blog: a big welcome! Feisty Tapas is me, a very determined Spaniard based in the UK, I'm a freelance translator since just before the 21st century started, I only became a mother 2 years ago though and now, like many of you reading this, I am a hair-pulling, tantrum-controlling (sometimes inducing) woman who also juggles a household and a business on the side. You know, as you do.

Make sure you hang around for a while, here you will find quite a lot of talk of food, cooking and recipes (including tapas of course), cross-stitch and, if you follow me on Twitter or Facebook: daily doses of "why oh why"!

Right, shameful plug out of the way (hey, I heard that!). Come this way for a selection of great posts but make sure you mind your step, there are toys scattered all over the floor.

In order of appearance in my inbox:

First off we have the lovely Elinor (The working mum's coach), she was the first submission, I hadn't come across Elinor's website before and as I read her post I thought: Southam? Ok, check, dialling code 01926. Hmmm, let's email her back to check: Elinor, do you live near Leamington???? It turns out she lives not far away from where I lived for years. Her post deals, in a very funny way, with a difficult subject that many of you will identify with, the age-old mother's guilt. Her post: Why I'm thankful my son broke his wrist and other confessions...

Second to arrive was this post from Catherine (Online Business Uni), who I am very pleased to say liked one of my recipes (try it soon Catherine, you won't regret it). She writes about a time management idea that I have been reading a lot about lately: stick to one thing at a time. Multitasking actually can end up in wasting time and we all know that time is short, even more when you're a business mum. It may not work great with my own work as I always juggle a few deadlines at the same time but it works with all the other things, including things like calls to chase  utility providers getting stuff wrong, one at a time. But also dealing with them just as the issues arise, if I have time at that precise moment. Her post: The importance of finishing what you start.

Helen Lindop
Next up was Hannah, writing about something I have been hearing a lot about lately, finding your niche. Not an easy task but worth trying. My philosophy: you never know until you try. Her post: Three ways to find a niche.

In fourth place we have Helen Lindop herself with more guilt (does it ever stop? No? Ok then...). She gives us an idea for how to deal with that guilt; so, Elinor, this one is for you. Her post: Dealing with guilt as a business mum.

Alison Bradford
Next up is Rachel from Beatiful Swans with a shady post. I had promised myself not to read anything about all these tons of a certain colour or any of its variations, but this one is interesting. Her post: 50 shades lighter.

Now onto Alison Bradford who warns us of the top third mistake made when starting a business. You'll have to read her other posts to find out what the first and second one are though,  no cheating (and well worth the read). Her post: Top 3 mistakes when starting a business. Part 3.

Helen Neale

Helen Neale (Kiddycharts), who is slowly taking over the world having just been selected to write the Britmums Working Mums Round-up, submitted a very topical post with the kids going back to school soon, she shares her own experiences to warn you: How not to do the school run.

Everything was going well until here with the chronological order method, I was drafting this post as I received emails with links and then two things happened: a) my toddler decided to hit publish for me b) Kizzy Bass emailed. The first one was quickly averted, the second one... let's just say that revenge is sweet, so Kizzy owes me cake!

I was stressing about writing the blurb and reading all very  posts and then I realised, we are all business mums which means that we are all supportive of each other and you will all understand better than anyone my lack of time in between the childminder having been on holiday for almost 2 weeks now, me having been in pain since Friday (thanks summer storms) and work having got really busy (can't complain about that one!).

So let's read together all the posts that Kizzy Bass submitted, shall we? Here they are:

From the Virtual Assistant Coaching & Training Co: Your VA business journey is a marathon not a sprint.

Now that's out of the way (phew!). Let me tell you about the last post that hit my inbox, it's by Lee Martin, it's not totally business mum related but something we are considering at the Tapas household. Her post: When is it time to move out of the cot.

Now, do me a favour: comment on those posts that grab you, like each other's pages, register to get updates from one another and, of course, don't forget to have a good nose around while you're here at the Feisty Tapas blog and come back very soon, you are always welcome!

Go on, go mingle.
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