Monday, 6 August 2012

Doggy's big adventure

Two weeks ago a certain little girl's favourite cuddly toy, who answers to the names of "Dog dog" or "Doggy", went missing.

Mami only realised he just wasn't there anymore after a trip into town on a hot day.

It turns out that doggy made it all the way back to Ikea in Milton Keynes, the exact same place where the Tapas family had adopted him a year and a half before.

Mami, desperate for her little girl to sleep well again, called upon Ikea and upon her friends for help as it was too long a distance for Doggy to walk back.

Disappointingly the big blue and yellow place couldn't do more than check stocks but mami's new friends, brought to her through that odd online life of hers, you know the one that has her constantly taking photos and notes, came up trumps and so doggy's paws made it all the way back home.

Normal doggy service has resumed
The trip seemed to do him some good, his fur was shiny and soft like the first day.

At first LittleT ignored him, probably a bit mad at him for having gone away for so long, but soon the eagerly awaited words were uttered "Dog Dog! Mum mum, Dog Dog!" and, just like that, Doggy was back as her firm inseparable favourite.

Let's just hope he doesn't decide to run away to Ikea again.

Thank you Charlotte!

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