Thursday, 23 August 2012

The Feisty Tapas Nespresso Craft Challenge

Today I slipped two of these into two boxes full of empty Nespresso cardboard sleeves. This means the Feisty Tapas Nespresso Craft Challenge has started!

If you read my tweets you may already know of my passion for coffee and my love for my Nespresso machine.  We can recycle everything now: the delivery cardboard box and the sleeves get recycled with the usual house recycling and the capsules are sent back to Nespresso.

I'm all up for recycling, just as long as no one decides to recycle the machine itself until I'm ready to part with it.

A typical Nespresso sleeve
We do go through a lot of coffee in this household and it occured to me one day that the sleeves that the capsules come in could be brilliant for crafts, the problem was: what on earth could I do with them? So I asked my two favourite craft bloggers: Cerys from Rainy Day Mum and Maggy from Red Ted Art to give me ideas.

You see, I'm totally non-crafty and lack imagination so I rely on bloggers like them for ideas.

This is what I sent to the girls today:

- 13 or so Nespresso empty sleeves
- The Nespresso box with capacity for 200 capsules

The only rule I can think of is:

- Use only additional materials and tools that any parent without crafting skills (i.e. like me) will have at home

If you own a Nespresso or can get your hands on a a few of these, you are most welcome to take part too.

Now, let's give Maggy and Cerys a few weeks to come up with something.

Hasta pronto

*Update: By popular demand (yes, Maggy, I mean you), I will be sending out Nespresso capsules too but not before I use them*

**Note: This challenge has nothing to do with Nespresso, I have been a Nespresso owner for the last 3 years and, let me tell you, I love that nifty machine!**
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