Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Needlework Days: October 2012

Hello! Remember me? Yes, I am still around although, if you know me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you already will know that I have been buried under a pile of work and toddler snot. However, in between deadlines and tissues, I have had time to start a new cross-stitch project which actually has helped massively to keep me on top of things, I love cross-stitching and I find it so relaxing, I now just need a stitching corner and better lighting as, when I finally find time to get the needle out, it tends to be dark and my eyes are getting too old and weary for that.

Before we start with Needlework Days' October 2012 edition, you may remember that there was a competition to win a ready-to-stitch towel last time, the winner was Katrina D. and I sent her the towel a few weeks ago. If you're reading this Kat, make sure you show us the finished product!

We had some lovely entries on Needlework Days last time, the first one was from Rachael from Sew, ray me with a lovely notebook cover and other ideas for pretty things to make with funky bright fabrics.

Next up I was delighted to see the photo of Jen's progress at Jennifer's Little World. She tells me that Needlework Days is proving a great encouragement to keep her going, so I can't wait to see how much progress she has done this time round. Pretty, isn't it?

Last but not least we had Nyssapod, check out her brand new blog, she delighted us with this "The Secret Garden" cross-stitch, so cute!

So, what project have I chosen to start I hear you wonder. It was actually Rachel from Sew, ray, me who introduced me to the Cross Stitcher Home Style Bookazine (£9.99 delivered) and, after seeing various photos of people's beautiful projects on Instagram, I decided it was right up my alley with quirky designs, so I ordered it on the website and I already have chosen at least 5 designs to stitch over the coming months. The haberdashery in town is going to love me.

The first design I chose to stitch is of a very funky hen, I'm using beige evenweave instead of the recommended fabric but it works really well and not only because it was a fabric that I had at home, which meant I didn't have to delay (I had time in my hands, delaying wasn't an option, you never know what's around the corner at the Tapas household).

Progress is slow but I am loving sitting in the sun in my new living room with the sun flooding in when I have a chance, it doesn't happen as often as I'd like but I love every second of it and, now that the autumnal weather has arrived, it's perfect with a cup of hot coffee (good coffee please, no instant allowed).

These three photos (above right and below) are from a couple of weeks ago.

I took the photos below today so I have actually made quite a bit of progress, it is a very easy design with only four colours but I really like it, probably because of its brilliant but very effective simplicity, what do you think?

I leave you with a thought: Did you know that cross-stitching is good for your diet and weight? It's a proven fact (proven by me) that cross-stitchers snack less as they don't want to get their hands dirty and their hands are busy anyway.

Cross-stitching: try it, it's good for you...

...and look, it's pretty too!

Your turn, show us what you've got, if you don't blog but would like to show us, feel free to email me at feistytapas gmail com, or Instagram or Tweet with hashtag #needleworkdays.

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