Sunday, 21 October 2012

The Feisty Tapas Nespresso Challenge, who knew I'd be joining in!

The last couple of posts have been a bit serious*, haven't they? Let's lighten up the mood a bit eh!

Remember that a while ago I was telling you about the Feisty Tapas Nespresso Challenge that I, the totally craft-challenged one, had set the likes of Red Ted Art, Rainy Day Mum and Domestic Goddesque?

Well, Domestic Goddesque made us very jealous with her coloured duct tape when she returned from the States and made these magic Maracas.

Then yesterday I realised I could enter my own challenge. Ok, so the words and photos of the post are mine but the entry is officially Mr Tapas' who, a few days ago and with the adoring help of LittleT, made this with the box where the Nespresso capsule sleeves arrive:

It has brought a new word to LittleT's vocabulary: castle. No princesses though, just a guard, a camel that wasn't feeling too photogenic and the obligatory slice of bread. Perhaps she thought it was a dungeon?

*Tooth update: still toothless, now with a dodgy back after trying to help LittleT wee in her potty earlier. When they say becoming a mother in your late thirties is a risk, no one mentions this is why.

On the plus side, we won the lottery yesterday: a tender. Yes, that's right: a whole 10 sterling pounds. Since the boiler keeps overheating and I doubt our winnings are going to cover the cost, I'm thinking I'll spend the money on cake, what do you think?
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