Tuesday, 23 October 2012

What is it like to be the wife of a geek?

You may have read me mention on several occasions that Mr Tapas is a major geek, he is in fact a Big Mac Geek. Perhaps I should call him the BMG from now on. I can be a bit geeky myself, in fact pre-BMG I was renowned for my geekiness among my non-geeky friends. But, Mr Tapas is a geek on a whole different scale so, what is it like to be the wife of a geek?

Well, let me describe to you what happened today to give you an idea:

On the way back from the dentist today (still toothless I may add, more on that later), Mr Tapas got me in the car, sat down in the driver's seat, got all serious and out of the blue said:

Right, extremely important, get your phone out, go to the Engadget blog and look for the Keynote Speech Live Blog. There are only 4 minutes to go.

I looked at my phone and said: Actually honey, there are just 3 minutes to go.

Now, Engadget has become a daily part of our lives and I do like to take a peek every once in a while (shhh don't tell him) but I knew that that wasn't going to be enough because he was talking about one of those moments when his whole life has to stop to focus on one thing: Steve Jobs' legacy, the other love of his life: Apple (also known in this household as the mothership).

So I opened a different window on my, of course, iPhone 4S, went to apple.com and was staring at the ceiling of a theatre for a couple of minutes while he drove. LittleT, a very good toddler geek fell duly asleep to let papi listen, and listen we did; well, I watched too and made him extremely jealous when it came to the new iMac (oh how I want one now). We managed to come back all the way from Cambridge with the signal only dropping twice, considering that at some points we literally were in the middle of nowhere, it was no mean feat.

At one point, I just looked at him and said: If you had told my 15 year old self that one day I would be in a moving car in the middle of nowhere watching live TV on my phone, I would never have believed you.

Or, as he puts it: We are quickly heading towards science fiction.

Once we were back home and LittleT was awake again she had a bit of a tough time as she was very constipated so we swapped to Shrek (Dreamworks, not Pixar) instead hoping she'd get distracted and manage to poop. Toys'r'us after mummy's tooth appointment hadn't been enough to get her to think of something else.

What is it like to be the wife of a geek?
Mr Tapas' birthday present April 2010, 2 months before LittleT
So, what are we doing tonight? Yes, of course, we are right now watching the whole thing from the start. Again. He did order me pizza and I have my feet up but we do need to start saving money because, if my fallen tooth and the broken boiler were going to make the next couple of months very expensive, Apple just made Christmas and any intervening months agony.

No one was expecting such a big announcement (Mr Tapas' words), he is very excited about the new Fusion Drive, he also got extremely excited at the mention of Friction Stir Welding as he apparently knows the person who invented it and is extremely excited right now recognising faces in the audience at that pretty California Theater.

What is it like to be the wife of a geek? It's like this: if you can't beat them, join them because, at the end of the day, it will make your life easier but, take a tip from me, HAVE CHOCOLATE HANDY because, during the whole of that geeky car journey today I had a large bag of chocolate buttons to keep me sane. It really wasn't my intention to eat it but the chocolate brownie I had bought earlier in the day was in the back of the car (ALWAYS ALWAYS remember to have the chocolate brownie with you). Now I should hand over the blog to him to write a post about what it is like to be the husband of a blogger and how he promises to never cringe again when I photograph the weirdest of things.

And what does Mr Tapas do for work? It's so geeky I couldn't possibly even start to explain but it does involve Apple products, IT an a whole lot of specialised knowledge.

Are you the partner of a geek? How do you cope? Have you joined the dark side?
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