Thursday, 8 November 2012

Little book of memories

I have been trying to get more organised lately and, if you have been following me for a while, you may know that I am a big fan of notebooks and lists. There is something about the flow from brain to hand so I tend to write my lists by hand. With lists to write for shopping, things to do for the house and work, ongoing translation jobs, jobs to invoice, blog ideas... it really is never ending so today I decided to diversify and rescue this old (filofax style) diary/organiser. Twenty years old to be exact, it has aged well, hasn't it?

This diary is something I treasure. It's full of pockets inside and, as I pulled out receipts, business cards and photos, I realised that the last time that I had it in serious use was when planning our wedding.

These colourful bits of paper are the memories of a girl excited to marry the love of her life just over three years ago. The dress in that photo was my favourite wedding dress from all the gowns I had seen in magazines and online, the Paola by Sassi Holford. Despite only having three months and the shop having a rather long waiting list for appointments and needing six months to create it, that is the dress I wore!

That is the business card of the jewellers who made our wedding rings and that is indeed my finger wearing that infinite symbol of love.

Those are the photos I showed to our florist as inspiration for my bouquet and the wedding flowers.

That is the receipt of my wedding shoes and the map to get to Sassi's store in London. It was half way through the three months we had to plan the wedding that it was decided: I was getting an iPhone (no more paper maps!).

I shall now put all of these bits and pieces in our Wedding Time Capsule and, after cleaning it with one of the leather wipes we use for the sofa, the diary looks as close to new as it can get two decades later so now it's time to buy refills and get organised, although I could swear I have some refills somewhere...

Do you have a favourite notebook? Or a little treasure that you refuse to let go and makes you smile whenever you find it while tidying up?

PS - Those leather wipes may next get used on my handbags, I'll let you know if you shouldn't try it at home!
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