Friday, 23 November 2012

Positive thoughts for Kerry

PhotobucketA few months ago the blogging world was shaken by the news of Multiple Mummy's brain haemorrhage. When one of our own is hit we rally, bloggers are the most supportive bunch I know.

Kerry's husband, Multiple Daddy, has been looking not just after Kerry and the kids but after her blog too, and it's difficult to hold back the tears whenever a new photo or a few words to update us bloggers and blog readers are published. It must have been a weird concept for him, updating us all, her online people from her online life. It's a strangeness I see in my husband's eyes whenever I mention my blog or the people who I meet through it. Multiple Daddy got to me from his first blog post: I had always promised my wife that I would write a guest post for her. I didn’t expect it to come in such tragic circumstances... with the poignancy of those words he started a heartbreaking update. 

During this time of the year I love watching Christmas films curled up under a blanket and see scenes of hope unfold before my eyes with the guarantee of a happy ending. That's what I want for Kerry, today and every day since I first heard the news: the power of her blogging village finding a way to heal her, make her stronger, wake her up and be home in time for Christmas to open her eyes and give her family a little smile. You hear me world, Kerry is coming back! (She will just have to share her blog with Multiple Daddy when she does!).

On Saturday 24th at 22.00, there will be a 2 minute silence. Before or after that please lend Kerry a thought, a blog post, a tweet, a Facebook update, a prayer or, as per her husband's instructions, eat a bit of chocolate. If we all get together in this we might just give Frank Capra a run for his money and make Kerry the Jimmy Stewart of 2012, she has at least a few hundred Clarences watching over her after all.

If you had never heard of Kerry before this, do it anyway, she is one amazing woman, wife, mother, blogger.

Hashtag #healing4kerry.
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