Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Getting back to normal after Christmas

I'm back! After a long Christmas break spent between England and Spain, I can't wait to get back to normal this week. I took lots of photos while we were away to show you all. But first things first because today, Thursday 10th January 2013, we will be celebrating the life of a beautiful friend.

Things have been out of whack since that ill-fated 17th december 2012 and today we get the opportunity to say good bye and try to start to come to terms with what happened.

A new leaf will start for a lot of us, her friends and family, today as we say farewell to such a kind soul who has had an enormous impact in so many lives. In a way it will do us all good but a huge part of me wants to stay back in today, where I can still be in denial, a place where Shelley is just as beautiful and alive as the day I met her, dressed in a gorgeous burgundy red gown, anxiously waiting for the love of her life to walk down the aisle. It was the first time I met them both and I was in tears during the ceremony, their love filled the room and the hearts of everyone present.
I had just moved to Cambridge with my then fiancé and now husband a few days before their wedding and I was poorly that morning but I made an effort to get out of bed. I still find it funny that my husband warned me that it would be a different type of wedding. You know, two women getting married and all that, he meant it in the sweetest of ways of course but it was funny because, to me, it was the opportunity of meeting more of his friends and seeing two wedding dresses in one go. I was, after all, a newly-engaged girl!

Shelley's wife, Leah, is very good friends with Mr Tapas and, Shelley and I being very similar, we quickly found our own friendship.

I personally owe it to my lovely friend Shelley, so sadly gone, to make a lot of changes. Hers is a life I do not want to be wasted, her sudden death has been a lesson to all of us who loved her. A lot of opportunities have come my way since she reached her new destination and I want to look into each and every one of them as I have a feeling that she may well be behind them all as they all have come along for Feisty Tapas, a persona who only exists because of her.

I also want to change a few things, do more things both for myself and for my family, try to find someone to look after T one evening a month in order to have a monthly date night with my husband and love of my life (yes, it's the same person!).

We will also need to start looking for a childminder soon because T's current childminder is pregnant. Finding her took me a whole month last summer in between researching, contacting, visiting, meeting... so I better start doing my homework again soon. Unfortunately in this area availability is limited when it comes to nurseries and childminders.

My new year resolution though? Simple, to drink more water as I am fully aware I just don't get enough. I fill glasses up, they get left behind. I hardly drink water nowadays, which is odd as I used to drink a lot of the stuff.

For now, tomorrow we say good bye to a lovely friend and try to make sure that her widow, our lovely friend, keeps on finding the strength she needs.
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