Tuesday, 15 January 2013

How to find more time to write?

I'm not going to take you round in circles, the answer to the question "How to find more time to write" is to come join the fabulous Miss Sue Flay and the amazing person that is Feisty Tapas (yes, me being modest) on regular "writing mornings" around Cambridge and Ely.

I don't know you but I struggle to find quiet time to write and be inspired all in one. Most of the time inspiration hits when my hands are too busy to even pick up pen and paper or my mobile to write a quick note on it (and I don't like listening to the sound of my own voice so I've been avoiding recording voice memos on my phone). I end up with lists and more lists of posts that never get written.

So, Miss Sue Flay (of The Secluded Tea Party fame) and I have hatched a plan: writing mornings. A gathering of like-minded people with one aim: to write and eat cake. Ok, so you don't have to eat cake but, if it is right there, why not?

Just bring your laptop, tablet, netbook, notebook (whether paper or geeky), typewriter... whatever you like writing on and sit with people who will be doing the same thing. People who may in turn inspire you and who may find you totally inspiring.

Whether you want to write for your personal or business blog, add blurb to your website, write a newsletter, write that book you've been meaning to start or take up again, write an article for a mainstream magazine (do tell us which one so we can check it out!) or even read the writings of those who are sitting next to you. The aim is to get out and find that precious writing time.

If you have a dedicated slot and have somewhere to be, it is a tad less difficult to procrastinate, isn't it?

Writing is becoming increasingly important, whether you write eyecatching sentences in 140 characters to find clients or readers for your fledgling or established business, blog or self-published book or schedule Facebook updates for the week to come.

The question now is: are you in? If so, just let us know! The first writing morning will be this Saturday 19th January 2013. *UPDATE* Due to the snow we have had to postpone this by 2 weeks but do feel free to join us today, Saturday 19th from 10.30 and use hashtag #writingwithtea to communicate with fellow participants. A lovely way to meet fellow writers. It doesn't have to be tea by the way, you're allowed any drink you want!

You can email me at feistytapas gmail com for more details.
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