Monday, 18 February 2013

CookieTots: toddler cooking classes in Cambridge and Ely

Potato mouse, I loved this one
When we moved last year T and I tried quite a few different classes while looking for things to do with a two year old in this part of Cambridgeshire. It was the toddler cooking class that stuck and we are still going. The CookieTots classes are run by the same teacher in both Cambridge and Ely, Richard Crozier, a man with the patience of a saint. Seriously, fancy willingly teaching several children aged between 2 and 4 the wonders of cooking!?

Every week we sit at a low table with both kid and adult sized chairs and we enjoy getting our hands dirty. Richard arrives loaded with kitchen utensils (like colourful mixing bowls and spoons and child-friendly knives) to help the kids learn to chop, mix...

We sing a song, I try to get LittleT to don her dinky apron, Richard tells us what we are going to cook and hands out sheets with the photos of the ingredients and, as he holds up each ingredient, the kids identify them on the sheet.

Toffee apple cake (delicious)
Then it's time to get on with preparing our food, obviously no heat is involved and, when it needs cooking we take it home to put in the oven, which makes for a nice afternoon. Every two kids share a bowl so they learn about sharing.

To finish there is a little "show and taste" where the kids are told about a particular food/ingredient and get to try it, we sing another song, Richard gives the mums/grandmas the recipe cards and the kids get their hands stamped (T took a little while to warm up to this part but now is the first one in the queue and asks for stamps on both hands!) and I leave with a toddler who won't let go of her latest concoction and shows a great sense of pride at the thought of feeding mami for a change.
Courgette and cheddar tart (one to make again)

The great part for mums: no need to clean up! Richard "The Saint" Crozier is in charge of that. Being toddlers in a huge room, a lot of running around does take place but Richard (and this is the bit I am amazed by) continues.

The photos give you an idea of the kind of things we make.

Details of the cookery classes (check out CookieTots's Facebook page) ***I'm afraid these are not running anymore***

Tuesdays, 10am, Ely - Classes every (term time) Tuesday, 10:00-10:45am at Ely Methodist Church (just off St Mary's Street car park).

Thursdays, 10am, Cambridge - Classes every (term time) Thursday, 10:00-10:45am at Ross Street Community Centre (just off Mill Road).

The first class is free. For older children, check out Kiddy Cook parties.
T loved making this marshmallow man

PS- I am not getting anything in exchange of this post, LittleT and I really enjoy the classes and, having noticed the drop in numbers due to some of the kids starting pre-school I guess, I asked Richard (who rumbled me as a blogger when I sent an email from the wrong account on my phone when I was going to the dentist one day, remember that time a few months ago? Yes, the second bridge is holding up, yeehah!)
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