Thursday, 7 March 2013

Life at 40

I will turn 40 this year. Yes, I know, shocking! I look so young in polka dots after all, don't I?

So far my 40th year (mind-boggling, isn't it?) has brought quite a few changes already, above all as 2013 dawned. Some fabulous opportunities have come my way and a lot of them are due to the fact that I adopted the Feisty Tapas personality.

So, I am creating a list of things I would like to achieve this year. With the aim of staying with this dual character of mine, one of them involves building on what my blog has brought along.

I am actually looking forward to my 40th and I think that this is due to where life has led to in the last few months.

Yes, I took a photo of my camera with my phone
Photography: I want to brush up on my skills, I used to take good photos back when I was a youngster with lots of time in her hands and always (always) a camera in her bag, but now (as an older youngster, let's leave that clear) I have a fantastic DSLR and no skills whatsoever to use it on manual. First things first: learn to use the DSLR on manual and hopefully combine it with a food styling course. I hate that my food photos tend to be really bad because I am always rushing, because there isn't good lighting in the kitchen and because I basically want to sit down to eat the food I have cooked.

Staying with the photography topic: a tripod, a light tent or a pretty corner with a good light source, anything that will allow me to take better photos are all in the wish list to make me improve the immortalisation of life's little moments.

I will not ask for extra time to take those photos, I am demanding but I am not that naïve!

Since it's World Book Day, a photography book: Plate to Pixel: Digital Food Photography & Styling to be exact, as recommended by the ever so lovely Karen at Lavender and Lovage. I must get ordering but also making time to actually read, learn and apply it.

On a totally different topic, machine sewing: I wrote about this wish before here. I have been looking at workshops. The opportunity to check out whether I am cut out for this without having to buy a sewing machine.

Right, who else is turning 40 this year? No,  I won't let you turn your life into doom and gloom just because you're hitting a new decade, so go on tell me: how are you planning on making your 40s your most fabulous decade yet?
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