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Garlic and Serrano Ham Mushrooms (Thermomix and conventional recipe)

Garlic and serrano ham mushrooms (Thermomix and conventional recipe) - super easy for tapas or as a side dish

Back when I wrote this was a new deli in town, Allgoods of Ely, it actually opened a while ago but I only got a chance to visit it last weekend (I know, I know). It is full of delicious stuff: white asparagus, squid ink pasta, cheeses and meats: fabulous lomo and serrano ham. Let's talk about that serrano ham today and what you can do to turn it into speedy Garlic and Serrano Ham Mushrooms.

As soon as I saw the serrano ham I knew I had to ask for a big chunk as well as slices. You see, if you ask for a very thick slice of it you can then dice it at home and do things like these mushrooms in no time at all.

This makes the perfect tapa or, if you need a bigger lunch, toss it with some cooked pasta at the end, or cooked noodles, or cooked rice, or cooked quinoa… You get my drift, right? For more tapas ideas check out my Easy guide to Spanish Tapas.

I had the mushrooms with a milk roll that I made the day before following the recipe in page 174 of the Fast and Easy cookbook that comes as standard in the Thermomix in the UK.

Don't know what a Thermomix is? This post will tell you all about it. If you live in the UK and you already have a Thermomix or are considering buying one, I run the really friendly and supportive Thermomix Owners UK Facebook group. Come join the Thermie chat. 

¿Listos? Feel free to proportionally increase the quantities as needed (be careful not to do the olive oil though), this time it was just me and the weather is too hot for anything else so I kept it small.

Garlic and serrano ham mushrooms

Shopping list: 

  • 5 garlic cloves
  • 15 g olive oil
  • A thick slice of serrano ham (just under a centimetre), diced. If there is any yellowy/orangey rind left, make sure you remove it, leave the fat on though!
  • 130 g grey oyster mushrooms (I got them from Ocado but use any mushrooms you can find, the standard mushrooms will do very nicely too)
  • Parmesan or Manchego cheese
  • Good crusty bread for dipping (essential!)

Garlic and serrano ham mushrooms (Thermomix and conventional recipe)Thermomix

1. 5 garlic cloves: 5 seconds, speed 7, push down bits with spatula

2. 15 g olive oil + handful diced Serrano ham: 3 mins, Varoma, speed 1

3. 130 g grey oyster mushrooms  - Varoma, reverse, 5 minutes, soft speed.

4. Grate Parmesan of manchego cheese over the top and serve with good crusty bread to dip in the sauce OR perfect if you toss it with cooked pasta or add cooked noodles


Conventional cooking

If you are making this on the stove top it's very easy, same ingredients as above:

1. Chop the garlic finely.
2. Heat up the oil in a frying pan, medium-high.
3. Add the garlic and the serrano ham, careful that the garlic doesn't burn, stir regularly.
4. When the serrano ham is looking goldeny (technical term there), add the mushrooms. Stir well to coat them in all the juices, turn the heat down a tiny bit until the mushrooms look ready, 5 minutes or so.

5. Serve with grated cheese over the top and a nice bit of good bread, grab a good chunk of said bread and dip it in the sauce. No, I insist, you must do this first! OR, for a bigger meal, you can just add cooked pasta, noodles, rice, mix well and serve.

Disclosure: I paid everything full price, I just like to blog about tasty things.

Garlic and serrano ham mushrooms tossed with cooked pasta

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