Saturday, 23 August 2014

#mugappreciationsociety: the how, the who and the why

#mugappreciationsociety: the how, the who and the why
Lucy's culprit mug! Pretty, isn't it?
As many of you already know I am a huge Instagram fan, what's not to like? Thermomix hashtag: check! Crafts: check! Cross-stitch: check! Sewing: check! Cake: check! Mugs: check! And it's the mugs that got the #mugappreciationsociety started. Let me tell you the how, the who and the why:

Three days ago, Wednesday 20th August 2014 I was at the Method Creative offices in Cambridge with fellow freelancer and blogger Lucy from The Smallest Smallholding. Lucy and I have been working together on a Method project for a year and a half and, with our common love for blogging and social media (and a passion for proper grammar), it doesn't even matter that she is a vegan and I am, well, a chorizo fanatic! I pass her Busy B weekly planners to keep her organised in a pretty manner and she gives me all manner of gardening and homegrowing tips before I beg her to just come round and show me properly soon as I am not exactly green fingered.

I have been going on to Lucy to use Instagram more for a while now. Always full of helpful hints and tips me, on Wednesday I "made" her instagram the gorgeous flowery mug that she had on her desk. She took a photo, instagrammed it and, as I was giving her my usual mug hashtags, we decided we needed a hashtag of our own (well, just look at my feed, it's full of mugs!). So, after a few seconds of hashtag brainstorming and checking whether they were available, we settled on #mugappreciationsociety. I am pretty sure it was Lucy who mentioned that one and I am also pretty sure I said it's too long at first but then checked availability and said, yes that might just be the one! The whole process took two minutes flat.

Lucy did indeed share her mug, I tagged it for her. The next morning I posted my usual morning mug photo, added #mugappreciationsociety and tagged a few people including Lucy to show us their mugs! I don't think either of us were ready for what happened next. So many people joined the #mugappreciationsociety straight away.

So, from now on: Tag your mugs!

Of course, Lucy and I will soon be round to take a look and leave you a like and a comment. Our Christmas wishlist is growing bigger by the minute, be warned: so might yours!

A huge thank you to everyone who has already become a member of the #mugappreciationsociety. Don't forget to keep coming back to show us your mugs and, yes, any finds from coffee shops, charity shops, shops and websites in general are most welcome!!

You can follow me on Instagram here and Lucy here.

#mugappreciationsociety: the how, the who and the why
Mug from the summer sale (bargain!)

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