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Thermomix Coriander and Chilli Steamed Salmon

Thermomix Coriander and chilli steamed salmon

I wrote this recipe ages ago (in fact winter 2013, no comment) but it was so delicious that my greedy blog ate it. Here goes my second attempt. Ready? Right, here we go: Thermomix Coriander and chilli steamed salmon.

It all started with this recipe by the lovely A guy, a girl, fur kids and food. I kept making it and every time I changed it. One of the first times I made it with noodles and it made dinner for the husband and me, lunch for LittleT and me the next day and a further lunch for me a couple of days later.

I sometimes make it with rice and it makes enough for dinner for 2 adults, with plenty left for lunch the following day.

I have also served it on one occasion with a salad of cherry tomatoes, feta cheese and mixed leaves (all drizzled with good Spanish extra virgin olive oil and sherry vinegar, of course).

My favourite part? In about half an hour you have a fantastic meal on the table without much fuss and much washing-up. I do love Thermie all-in-one meals using the Varoma.

Excuse the appalling photos, they are from way before I started paying more attention to food photograhy.

Thermomix Coriander and chilli steamed salmon

Thermomix Coriander and Chilli Salmon
Approx. 30 minutes / Serves 1-2-3-4, you can increase/decrease quantities


Thermomix Coriander and chilli steamed salmon
4 salmon fillets, fresh 
Parchment paper

1 red chilli (seeds in or out depending on how hot you like it, feel free to add extra chilli if you like it hot)
5 cm piece of ginger peeled and divided in one 3 cm piece and one 2 cm piece
1 clove garlic peeled
2-3 spring onions, the white part trimmed and the green part finely sliced

80-100 g red pepper (or green if you prefer green)
A big handful of coriander
1 or 2 lemon or lime (either goes well and it will depend on how much you like the citrus flavour)
10 g honey (optional)
30 g soy sauce

Noodle soup:
800 g water
Pak choi (optional)
Rice noodles

1000 g water
Pak choi (optional)
50-70 g of rice per person

    Thermomix Coriander and chilli steamed salmon
  1. Place chilli, the 3 cm piece of ginger, garlic and spring onion, approx 65 g of the pepper and coriander in the bowl and chop: 5 seconds, speed 7.
  2. Lower down anything that may have climbed up the walls of the bowl and add the juice of half or one lemon or lime, honey and soy sauce and mix: 10 seconds, speed 3.
  3. Wet a piece of baking paper, scrunch it up and lay it flat on the bottom of the varoma tray. 
  4. Place the salmon on top and pour most of the sauce over the top of the salmon fillets, make sure you leave a bit of the sauce in the bowl (do not wash!).
  5. Place the pak choi or any other vegetables you want to use in the top tray of the Varoma, cover with the lid. 
  6. Place in the bowl: the 800 g water a bit of chopped pak choi, the rest of the pepper, the other chunk of ginger OR the 1000 g of water and the rice.
  7. Put the Varoma (with the salmon and vegetables) in place: Varoma, speed 2, 25 minutes (this will really depend on the thickness of the steaks, the ones I buy tend to be quite thick so check them from the 12-15 minute mark or so). Check that the rice is fully cooked
  8. If using noodles, add them in the last few minutes according to your packet's instructions or wait until the salmon is cooked and use the stock then.
Serve with Spanish flair!

Note: If you use wholegrain rice, try soaking it first for a few hours so that it doesn't take forever to cook. 

Thermomix Coriander and chilli steamed salmon

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