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How to buy a Thermomix TM5 in the UK and what happens to the TM31

There is a new Thermomix in town and it looks sleek!! The rumour mill had been turning endlessly for a few months and finally on the night of September 5th 2014 the announcement was made: the TM5 was a reality. Here I tell you how to buy the new Thermomix in the UK and what happens to the TM31. By the way, if you come from Portugal or Italy, you will know it as Bimby, here in the UK it's a Thermomix (like in Spain).

*If you already have a Thermomix or want to find out more, make sure you join my Thermo Cooking with Feisty Tapas group on Facebook.

Just like its predecessor, the TM31 blends, mixes, steams, weighs, emulsifies, grinds, stirs, whisks, chops, allows controlled heating, cooks and kneads.

What this means is that, just like with the TM31, you can make fantastic bread and let it rise while you cook cake for dessert and then stick the bread in the oven while Thermie makes a mean risotto for you.

There are a few new features in the TM5 and of course there is the matter of the price which, this time, Thermomix UK hasn't been cagey about. Here is how it is looking, don't forget that in the UK you can buy through Thermomix's network of demonstrators, see website here or call 01344 622 344:

- Price: £925. Initially a "package" was announced, it comprised of an extra bowl set (bowl, base, blade, lid, seal, MC, internal simmering basket and whisk but NOT an extra spatula). However, it quickly became apparent that second bowls were not being manufactured as fast as demand for the TM5 was coming in so, until July 2015, spare bowls were not available for the TM5. When the spare bowls finally arrived, they were supplied the customers that had ordered and paid their TM5s with a spare bowl in September 2014. Then to those who had initially ordered their TM5 with a spare bowl but had cancelled the bowl part when it became clear that they were unavailable. Read further down if you would like a spare bowl for your TM31.

- Divided payments and financing are available. For example you, could pay an initial deposit of £466 followed by 6 payments of £79, this means you pay an admin fee of £15. Or you could pay a deposit of £467 followed by two instalments of £229 (totalling £925, no admin fee).

- There is also a finance option.

- Delivery times from ordering seem to be 2 days at the moment. 

- Trade-in/upgrade programme for new clients? From Monday Thermomix Demonstrators will be contacting all their customers who recently ordered and are still waiting for delivery.

- Availability: right away, demonstrators being trained the day after the announcement.

- Bowl size: 2.2 l (200 ml bigger than the TM31's).

- The seal is now built into the lid and is thicker and more robust. It also has enough gap that it can be cleaned easily.

- Quieter motor.

- Turbo speed is 10700 rpm (10 200 rpm in the TM31).

- 99 minutes cooking time instead of 60 minutes in the TM31. 

- More gentle beeping at the end (music to my ears!!!).

- Temperature increments of 5ºC.

- It reaches 120ºC which could be good for sautéeing those onions.

- Touch screen.

- It weighs while cooking.

- It works with old recipes we already use for TM31 with very little modification. The speeds are not different, same revolutions per minute.

- It has recipe chips for guided cooking, sample video here.

- It has a fully automated mode for a few recipes.

- It can also work in manual mode.

- The TM5 can be set up for the following languages: English, Australian English, Spanish, Mexican Spanish, French, Greek, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Dutch, German and Czech. So you don't need to buy the machine in a different country if you want it in a different language.

- The book chips however only come in one language, they can't be set up to show the recipes in a different language.

- It comes with 3 built-in recipes: boiled rice, plain yoghurt and custard. The custard provides options for 3-4 portions or 6-8 portions and different consistencies: runny, normal or thick and creamy (crème pâtissière).

TM31 information:

For those of you who have just bought a TM31 because of the fabulous August offer with the free spare bowl and a ton of books, don't forget the TM31 is a fantastic piece of kit (and you got a great deal!), with a huge amount of support and an amazing community behind it (come join my Thermomix Owners UK group!). Thermomix will keep servicing them and will have spare parts for decades to come (it has been mentioned that 20 years from now to be exact), because this is how long these machines last. I wouldn't let go of mine even if I was to buy the TM5, I've had it for two years and bought it for life.

Guarantee on second hand TM31s: TM31s bought from UK Thermomix are registered with an owner and a sale date. Within the guarantee period the original owner can transfer ownership with the remaining guarantee

The good news is that the prices of the TM31 accessories are coming down in price as a result: you can now buy a spare bowl set (with blades, lid, etc.) for £159 plus delivery (7.95 in this case) instead of £235 plus delivery (a saving of £76!). A new TM31 spatula will drop from £16.90 plus delivery to £8.00 plus delivery!

It is the nature of technology that these things are kept secret, think patent infringement and technology theft. 

By the way, it has also been announced that the Quirky Cooking book will soon be in the UK!

I have asked Thermomix UK to address all concerns and questions ASAP and the answers are slowly trickling into the Thermo Cooking UK with Feisty Tapas Facebook group.

I hope that covers a bunch of questions you may have for now. I shall update more as I find out.

What say you? Will you buy a TM5?

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