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Thermomix Za'atar Flatbreads Recipe

Thermomix Za'atar Flatbreads Recipe

Back in December 2014 I had the chance to organise and attend a cooking Christmas party at the fantastic Cambridge Cookery School, the chosen theme was Middle Eastern and Sook food. Ever since then I've been wanting to adapt these Za'atar Flat Breads to the Thermomix as it is quite a wet dough and, let's just face it, the Thermomix makes light work of kneading.

Za'atar is a condiment made of dried oregano mixed with sesame seeds, dried sumac and salt along with other herbs and spices. I used Waitrose's own label which also contains dried marjoram. I had never tried it and I have to say it's beautiful. Try it sprinkled on salads too. If you can't find any Za'atar (most major supermarkets seem to sell it now in the UK), let's see if we can find a good way of making a homemade one and, for now, you can make these and use your favourite salt as topping.

A little birdie from my group (thank you Suellen) tells me that in Lebanese cuisine these flatbreads are called Manousheh.

It’s especially good with Kirrin’s Kitchen’s Thermomix Sweet Potato Hummus.

Don’t worry if you have any flat breads left over, they toast well on a low setting in the toaster and are delicious.

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Za'atar Flatbreads
Makes approx. 8-10
10 minutes to prepare
Min. 1 hour to rise
A few minutes in the oven/grill

For the flatbreads:
- 7 g fresh yeast, crumbled / 2 g quick action dried
- 160 ml water

- 225 white strong flour (what in Australia is known as bakers flour)
- 35 g / 3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
- 1 teaspoon salt

For the topping
- Extra virgin olive oil
- Za'atar

1. Place the 160 ml water and the 7 g fresh yeast (or 2 g quick action yeast) in the TM bowl, if using dried yeast, try to make sure that it goes on the water, not the blades: 37ºC, 2 minutes, speed 2… or until it reaches 37ºC.

2. Add the 35 g extra virgin olive oil, the flour and the salt (salt on top of the flour so not to counteract the yeast) and knead for 5 minutes with the measuring cup OFF. In TM31 this means turning the knob to the closed lid symbol and then pressing the kneading button. In the TM5 it means pressing the kneading button and then turning the silver dial.

3. Tip the dough into an oiled bowl and cover with oiled cling film. Place in a warm, non draughty place (like the airing cupboard) for a minimum of one hour. Longer works well and you can also let it slow rise in the fridge for a few hours. This is quite a wet dough.

Thermomix Za'atar Flatbreads Recipe
4. Here comes the non-scientific bit, in my oven this works best in the fan oven setting so preheat your oven to 200-220ºC. You can do it under a hot grill too.  If you happen to have a pizza oven in your garden (you know who you are!) will you test it for me, I bet it only takes seconds… yes, you, you know who you are ;)

5.  Tip the dough onto a well-floured surface and knock it down a couple of times to remove the air. Divide the dough into about 8-10 balls (the size of golf balls) by pinching some dough out, coat them in a bit of the flour so that you can roll them out easily with a rolling pin. You can also flatten them and roll them flat with the palm of your hand. You want them to be quite thin but it's ok if they're not too thin.

6. Place in lined/unlined oven trays, brush or (even better) pour carefully extra virgin olive oil over them and then sprinkle generous amounts of Za'atar. Place the tray/s in the preheated oven (or hot grill) for a few minutes (approx 6 minutes) keeping an eye so that they don't burn.

7. When they look goldeny on top remove the tray(s) and check how the underside is doing, I turn mine over (probably not the most authentic technique but perfect for my tastebuds) and put them back in the oven for a couple of minutes so that they are nicely and evenly cooked all over, otherwise the bottoms feel a bit soft and soggy compared to the tops.

Et voilà, you've made your own flatbreads. That was pretty easy, wasn't it? Fancy trying something else now?

Thermomix Za'atar Flatbreads Recipe

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