Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Readly Offer: the newsstand at your fingertips

A treat app to fit around your life
Valid indefinitely (end date is a few years in the future!)
*Click here to go straight to the offer and skip the blurb*
A little while ago a member of my Facebook group mentioned the Readly app for reading magazines of all sorts. £9.99 a month and tons of magazines on my iPad? My three favourite food magazines included? I checked it out (I googled a lot, it sounded too good to be true)… and inevitably fell in love with it and ended up signing up.

I adore it because:

- It has a ton of back issues so it’s not just the latest magazines, it’s a ton of others going back quite a while too.

- It has an awesome search function that goes through all the magazines for you: do you need new pressure cooker recipes? Search. Do you need to know where Thermomix has been mentioned lately (including mentions by chefs in magazines that you may not have thought of? Search.

- I’m an Apple girl but it seems to have an Android app too, just look for it first wherever you look for your apps. I have it both on iPad and iPhone. Make sure it works with your device(s) here.

- You can download whole magazines to your device and read them later (ideal if you lose signal during your commute) or are going abroad where you won’t have wifi all the time or for the plane on the way there or back.

- You can add up to 5 devices to your account (extra saving if you get the family hooked up!).

- It has Delicious, BBC Good Food, Olive and others I hadn’t heard of but also the likes of Mollie Makes and Cross Stitch Crazy (I am obviously giving you my favourites. Oh Empire magazine is there, do you know how long it has been since I read Empire magazine!

- There is no extra temptation at the checkout: no sweeties or Galaxy chocolates at knocked-down prices to tempt me.

Here are a few screenshots of magazines that may catch your fancy and a link to the FAQ here.

With the Feisty Tapas special link you will be able to get the first 3 months for only £14.99 (instead of £29.97), hopefully the timing is good for those of you who are about to go on holiday! Just follow this link: gb.readly.com/feistytapas
I get nothing other than the joy of thinking that you might all put your feet up for 5 minutes each day with a nice magazine that you haven’t bought for ages without spending a fortune.

Available indefinitely (the end date is in a few years!).

MY TIP: Sign up for the two week free trial to give it a whirl (you don't have to provide any payment details). Then, if you like it, sign up using the offer.

A big thank you to Will at Readly for taking me up on this and getting back to me with a fantastic offer.

This offer is now closed but make sure you sign up to my newsletter to hear of other offers. By the way, three years on I still love Readly and still subscribe 

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