Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Five life-changing audiobooks for ideas people

A list of five perfect books to help you get where you want to beAfter spending many years refusing to read audiobooks because, well, it just isn't proper reading, is it? I signed up to Audible a few months ago, not many, and I have to say it has been life-changing. Firstly because I now actually manage to read. As someone who works with words all day long (and is a mum), when I finally get to reading for pleasure words jump around, they dance a bit of salsa with each other, my brain switches off, I fall asleep. Basically, I wasn't reading and I wasn't taking the few sentences I was managing to read.

So, having decided that, after all, that wasn't proper reading either and ready to take on a few business books, I took an Audible trial when someone recommended a network marketing group and, from there, thanks to one of the business women groups I belong to and the lovely Daisy from Devon Sun Yarns, I found my list with a long wish list. Here are the books in the order I've read them and why I think they are fantastic for people like you and me: ideas people, parents, busy people, people with dreams that one day just must come true because they are good dreams worth pursuing.

The following links are affiliate links which, funnily enough, is a direct result of reading these and a conversation I had with Mr Tapas a while ago but, well, you know me: I only recommend these because they truly have changed my life in one way or another.

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1. Go Pro - 7 Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Professional by Eric Worre

This was the book that got me hooked to Audible. The long school run on foot suddenly became productive. I don't agree with everything the book says, there is no way I am going to start nagging people by calling them on the phone. First of all, I am not a call-on-the-phone person anyway. But bits of it do make sense. This is the book that got me hooked to Audible and for that alone it has made the list.

2. The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks

This book is good, very good! My favourite lesson was the concept of Einstein time: time comes from you. It took me a while to get to grips with it and fully understand it. I think something just had to go "click" for it to snap into place. Not only does time come from me but I should stop hoping that someone else will help me make me make time to make things happen. Once that all fell into place, a few blocks were lifted.

3. Stop Talking Start Doing by Shaa Wasmund

Discovering Shaa Wasmund has brought along many revelations. I first came across her and her work in one of the businesswomen Facebook groups that I belong to. Those of you who are members of my Facebook group or know me personally will know that I'm an ideas girl: one idea a minute, that's me. It actually bothers me somewhat that I can't put those ideas into practice more often so, in between the new concept of Gay Hendricks' Einstein time and this book the foundations of the new me where laid.

4. Do Less Get More by Shaa Wasmund

Hot on the heels of the fantastic book that is Stop Talking Start Doing, I attended a webinar where Shaa was talking a lot of sense. So much sense that I wished she could move next door and be my new neighbour. Seriously, with someone like Shaa in your camp you are never going to stay down for long. I know that a lot of people say that about me, but I don't have a me to help and, when my "me" falls apart like has been happening on and off since the school run started last September, the picking up of the various pieces becomes harder and harder and it feels like every time I break, I don't manage to collect all the bits that make me so yet another bit stays behind, impossible to glue back on.

Don't get me wrong, there are bits of me that I am totally happy to shed but there are others that are intrinsic to my nature and that just need to stay because they make me, well, ME.

Unlike Stop Talking Start Doing, Do Less Get More is read by Shaa herself which just makes it that much better, her energy and beliefs jump at you. Her voice makes you believe you really can achieve this too: doing less and getting more might actually be feasible when you hear it straight from Shaa.

Shaa speaks directly to my soul, her energy is unique. She runs regular bootcamps which get amazing reviews and I can see why. She is a direct, no-nonsense lady. So hopefully soon I'll be able to make one of Shaa's weekends. You know how sometimes you just need someone to talk to, someone who understands where you are coming from, why you want to get where you want to get and that you are lost a bit on the way from A to B, so much so that you are losing hope? 

This book truly is life-changing, it's in fact also a game changer. I have listened to it many times because the thing with Audible is that sometimes you get distracted and so listening to the books several times is a good idea but this book is like my bible now. I think I will be listening to it regularly for quite a while.

Make sure you sign up to Shaa's newsletter for regular snippets of kick-your-ass-into-gear information at http://www.shaa.com/

5. Thrive by Arianna Huffington

In Do Less Get More, Shaa Wasmund mentions this book as a game changer for her. I have only read just over half of it on Audible so far but it already speaks a lot of sense. In fact, many of the things  can be combined with what I have learnt from the previous three books to create what I hope will be a winning formula.

The book, read by Agapi (Arianna's sister) is quite long at over 9 hours but is full of fantastic insights, from redefining success to the fact that quality should over prevail over quantity.

Some of the wonderful terms I have been introduced to have been: social entrepreneur and go-giver. I am liking a lot the concept of "go-giver" rather than "go-getter", I totally identify with this.

A few of Thrive's chapters are a bit long for where I am at right now and so I switch off but I am absolutely aware that at other stages, perhaps in a few months time when I look more into meditation and mindfulness, they will be right for me so I will just need to revisit them. Do bear that in mind when reading this very long book as it may be the same for you.

The lowdown

Basically, all of these books combined have so far given me a new perspective on life: where I want to be, how I want to get there. It's all clearer in my mind now.

I leave you with one thought for all of you sitting on ideas, waiting for the right time or for them to be just perfect before going for it.

A list of five perfect books to help you get where you want to be. Struggling to get your ideas off the ground? Remove the road blocks yourself, don't wait for anyone else to do it for you.
Seriously, do it, today

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