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Instant Pot Beef with Mexican Spices

Pressure Cooker Beef with Mexican Spices (with Instant Pot instructions) by Feisty Tapas

Some days you just need to use up something in the fridge because you hate waste but your energy levels are really low and all you can think of is putting your feet up. Well, this is exactly how this Pressure Cooker Beef with Mexican Spices recipe came about for my Instant Pot and this is also why it's so easy!

Basically a case of throwing ingredients in your pressure cooker or Instant Pot and letting it do its thing.

I had beef to use up, I remembered I had Skinnymixers Mexican Spice mix leftover in the cupboard and the rest just came about with a quick look in the fridge. It was left from making this delicious soup: Julie's Thermomix Mexican Bean Soup.

I looooove my Instant Pot. Of course, nowadays you could say I am biased as their Social Media Girl but I had my Instant Pot way before I had that job and I still totaly love it. On days like today, when I was really tired and needed something quick, the fact that it's virtually silent really helped. People with fibromyalgia call these days flare-ups or flares. I am too new to the concept and just call them bad pain days, because that's what I've been calling them for 25 years of chronic pain.

On days like today I love my kitchen gadgets and I hate my fibromyalgia.

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Ready for the recipe?

Instant Pot Beef with Mexican Spices


- 400 g diced braising beef
- 2 tablespoons Skinnymixers Mexican Spice Mix (approx), it is quite hot so you could either reduce the mix if you want it milder or just add more beef of course. Feel free to use a different Mexican mix (and don't forget the leftovers of the Skinnymixers mix are great in Julie's Thermomix Mexican Bean Soup)
 - 1 teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil or oil of your choice

- 2 medium red onions, sliced
- 2 medium tomatoes, chopped coarsely, reserve some for serving
- 200 ml water, cold
- 1 teaspoon of my homemade vegetable stock paste (well worth making, it's great for using up vegetables and you can make all these recipes with it... and more)

- Lime wedges to serve


1. Add the meat and the 2 tbsp of Mexican Spice Mix to the pot and mix well. Add the 1 tsp of extra virgin olive oil and mix well again.

2. Then add the red onion, chopped tomatoes, water and vegetable stock. Stir well again.

3. Lock the lid in. Steam Release handle pointing to Sealing. Press Manual, 30 minutes, natural release. (In a conventional pressure cooker: bring to high pressure and cook for about 25 minutes, let the pressure reduce naturally).

4. Once all the steam has released. Open the lid. Press Keep Warm/Cancel, then press Sauté followed by the Adjust button to set the pot to More. Lid off. Let it bubble until the sauce has reduced to the desired consistency (approx 5-7 minutes). (In a conventional pressure cooker: just turn up the heat and let he sauce bubble, lid off).

Serve with sliced fresh red onions and lime wedges to drizzle fresh lime juice.

Note: Have some of the Mexican Spice Mix left? Make Julie's Mexican Bean Soup with it. It's delicious!

Don't have an Instant Pot yet? It is just the most awesome multicooker out there! And, as Instant Pot UK's social media girl, I'm here (and there) to help you make the most of it. It has a great price just now on Amazon (see below) but the Feisty Tapas offer is also still running. For £104 you get a couple of freebies thrown in, find it here.

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